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September 17, 2015

Court okays Yom Kippur chickens ritual in New York

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The Ugly Truth

Illustrative photo of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man participating in a kapparot ritual, in which a chicken is swung over one's head in the belief that one transfers the sins from the past year into the chicken. (Dima Vazinovich/Flash90)

Justice Debra James says there is insufficient evidence that kapparot is a public nuisance

ed note–imagine for a moment, if you will, in an American town populated for the most part by DEM MOOZLUMS, such as Dearborn, Michigan, and there being a ritual whereby they swing dead animals over their heads as a means of appeasing their god, Allah.

The Jewish mainstream media and all its multi-taloned tentacles would have a field day with it. It would be used as ‘evidence’ that DEM MOOZLUMS were backwards, practiced a bloody, ritualistic religion full of eccentricities, would be used as prime efface evidence as to why they cannot be allowed to hold positions of power and influence and then would be poured like gasoline on an already out of control fire in fueling the war against Islam.

And yet, these mentally-deranged people engage in this business, year after year, and not am eyebrow…

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