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July 19, 2015

The hunt for a perfect red cow

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The Ugly Truth


Ed-note (Sabba) – If they are getting ready to welcome their moshiach, it must be because they feel that all the necessary elements to his arrival are gathered. Their moshiach will come either at a time of great chaos, a chaos which the world has never witnessed before, or he will come after, to bring peace to the world.

He will be hailed NAZI SHALOM, prince of peace, and will be crowned king of the jews. Either way we look at it, they want, they need, they must have a nuclear World War.  

Many rabbis have been ‘warning’ their flocks that something big will happen mid-September this year. Knowing that Bibi’s mind has been greatly permeated by jewish messianic belief, we can wonder if he will not do “something” in September, either a false flag against the USA an/or a genocide campaign against Gaza, which will make Cast Lead…

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