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July 1, 2015

Mandatory vaccination: California is ordering genetic alteration

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Deliberate genetic modification of human genome now to be enabled through gene transfer from vaccines, to be compulsory in the State of California.

This is another line of attack by the yahoos to bring about the end of the various Gentile genomes as we know them.

Even before GM gene transfer technology, 80% of all foods we used had been altered by random alteration of their genetic structure via X-Ray radiation, Gamma Ray radiation, and mutagenic chemicals, to ultimately cause God knows what random genetic mutation in humanity, but the GM gene transfer process is more precise, and we can see definite and deliberately caused harmful effects caused by GM RNA in GM foods surviving in our bodies and causing dysfunction in our organs and so on, and we can see the effect in livestock who eat huge proportions of the stuff, stillbirths, terrible mutations, sterility, organ dysfunction, cancer, and so on, and adult weight and size of animals dramatically reduced. How about goyim 3 or 4 feet tall?

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