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June 10, 2015

Suicide bomber targets ancient Temple of Karnak

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Jews believe that they reincarnate by their own will as Jews in future lives, completely bypassing the law of karma, using such black magic blood rituals as Kapparot to accomplish this by passing their negative karma off onto innocents, for them to suffer the consequences of instead. Thus avoiding being subject to the law of karma, the Jew is not afraid to kill himself, because he can take up another Jewish body straightway, and proceed with the Jewish terrorist plan for world domination.

The Ugly Truth

Temple Luxor Sunset

Ed-note (Sabba) – The purpose for posting this article is to remind everyone that the idea of committing suicide for a cause is NOT an Islamic nor a Christian concept. These 2 sister religions condemn suicide in the harshest possible terms, regardless of the motivation behind it. No mitigating circumstances are accepted.

On the other hand, judaism not only approves of it but it also raises to highest degree all those who kill themselves for the greater good of the jewish tribe: Masada is the greatest example.

Likewise, the idea to ‘kill and run’, or  ‘kill and get someone else accused’, the very concept of ‘false flag’ also originates from judaism: think Sicarii.

Generally speaking, it is important to remind ourselves that Muslims and Christians have no issues with Pharaonic Egypt. Jews on the other hand, do (‘never forgive, never forget’).

Islam and Christianity, as civilizations, have  no issues with…

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