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May 30, 2015

Turkish Intelligence Caught Supplying Al-Qaeda Under the Cover of Humanitarian Aid

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Piazza della Carina


The Silent War Between Turkish and Syrian Governments

Much of the Turkish Government’s gripe with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad derives from their 15 year long war against the “Kurdistan Workers’ Party” (PKK), in which, the latter’s father aided the resistance group against the Turkish Army by providing them money, weapons, and a base in the Syrian capital of Damascus – some view this war in Syria as Turkey’s reprisal for their years of discontent.

Despite rapprochement in the late 1990s and the once harmonious relationship between Dr. Bashar Al-Assad and Turkish President Recep Erdogan, the two presidents and their governments are at odds with one another, while their intelligence agencies combat each other through different forms of aggression.

Syria’s role in the PKK-Turkish Army War was a result of Turkey’s insistence on building a number of dams on the Euphrates River that later obstructed the necessary water flow to the…

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  1. Jews view us all as simple zombies to mess around with whilst they enjoy exterminating us as if we are the vermin. That is the secret in-house joke behind all those Hollywood zombie movies.

    We see that the Jews themselves here are openly stating that they are Zionists, and that Zionists really are real Jews.

    The artificial PC supposition that only supposedly ‘fake’ Ashkenazim Jews are behind the state of Israel goes right out of the window.

    The idea of fake Jews doing all the bad stuff is just for the consumption of gullible goyim, created by Arthur Koestler. In reality, Sephardim, Ashkenazim, really are all real Jews, do people really think that there were not many communities of diaspora Jews around the world, including those who are regarded as Ashkenazim, who simply rejoined the flock when invited? Dr Karl Skorecki says so, and directly contradicts the fake, Elhaik.

    As we can see when 4,000 Jews of all different denominations and persuasions stood together as one in New York on 9/11 in 2001, and left all their 3,000 Gentile workmates that they had known for many years, who had all been taught to trust them, to die terrible deaths, not one of those Jews stepped forward beforehand to warn people, and said; “Hey, I’m a real Jew, not one of those nasty fake Ashkenazim Jews behind all this terrorism, and I’m having nothing to do with all those fake Jews plotting to do this for Israel, I’m a real American patriot, and I’m going to tell you what is about to happen, so all those lives can be saved, as well as the lives of the millions of innocents who are going to die in the Middle East as a result of this false flag attack by the fake Jews on the USA”.

    And not one of those 4,000 Jews from all possible different denominations and persuasions has ever stepped forward since 9/11 2001 to tell us the real truth. That is because they are really all real Jews, and stand together as one, as one totally dedicated military unit. When will people learn?

    The Jews only ever really openly savage or launch lethal attacks on a few of us at a time, and unfortunately, because of that strategy of theirs, because so few of us are really aware of what is really happening, when we try to alert other people, they think we are just deluded. Most likely they think that people who get trouble from Jews must have aggravated them and that as long as they themselves don’t aggravate the Jews in some similar way, like annoying them by denying the holocaust, then they themselves will be perfectly fine and get along perfectly well with the Jews. Not so, it isn’t going to happen. The Jews just kill the rest of the goyim more slowly, by more subtle methods. Meanwhile, the Jews wrap the majority of people in a cotton wool reality in which they think Jews are their friends, or that the majority of bad Jews are not really real Jews. Nope, all Jews really are real Jews, and their terrorist death cult states; “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed”. The Zohar commentary on the Torah of the Sephardic ‘real’ Jews, the ‘good’ Jews, who also live in Israel, states that when their messiah comes, all Gentiles on the Earth will be exterminated and then sent to hell under the Angel Duma, It means what it says, and all of those calling themselves Jews are all prepared at a moment’s notice to act as dedicated soldiers or sayanim agents for Israel and do exactly what those Jews did on 9/11. Don’t doubt it, they will kill you all stone dead and be very happy about it.

    Those 3,000 Gentiles in the WTC on 9/11 all thought their Jewish workmates were all great guys, no doubt about it, and most other people will similarly be in a dazed state of hypnosis where they think they are all getting along just great with their Jewish workmates, and then Pow! The Jews will strike again. Like when the 1991 US Noahide Laws are fully effected in the event that the POTUS decides to suspend the constitution after another false flag attack on US soil by more Jewish terrorists working with traitorous Jewish representatives in the US government, and the Stalinist Jewish killing machine will swing into action with unbelievable swiftness and force, and butcher millions of US citizens, simply for being ‘idolaters’, for which the Torah penalty is death, and all Christians are classed by Jewish law as idolaters. There will be no ‘righteous Gentiles’ at that time, if you are not Jewish, you will be dead meat, if you let them get you. The 1917 Red Revolution was just a test run for this one, the big one. Maybe they will even get a vast amount of the killing done by ISIS, or some similar mercenary group of theirs, suddenly taking up positions throughout the US and commencing to eliminate Christians to effect the Noahide Laws in that way, that is, without the US citizens being fully aware who is ordering their genocide.

    Are you prepared to gamble that in the future, in any repeat of an incipient false flag event, that some mythical ‘good’ Jew, will stand up from amongst all those ‘fake’ Jews, or from amongst any of what you might think are the ‘good’ or ‘real’ Jews, and alert us, like they already failed to do on 9/11? Get real, there are no good Jews, all Jews are all the most deadly poison.

    All Jews are a lethally hostile army just waiting to take us all down when the time is right for them to move on that.


    Comment by mothman777 — May 30, 2015 @ 1:48 pm | Reply

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