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May 21, 2015

Iran to UN: Israeli defense minister threatened to nuke us

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The Ugly Truth


Tehran claims Ya’alon’s comments on ‘steps’ Israel may take, alongside references to Hiroshima bombing, were an implicit threat

ed note–of course this was a threat to nuke Iran and to wipe it ‘off the map’ as maniacal, hysterical Jews are constantly accusing Iran of doing. The difference is, Israel can get away with it because she holds the bulk of the western mind in a spell of sorts encompassing not only the political realm, but everything else as well. In addition to this, what must be remembered is that the god of the Jews–Yahweh–demands a burnt sacrifice in order to be appeased. During biblical times, Jews used goats, rams, sheep, etc. Now, having equated Gentiles with barnyard animals, the burnt offerings they offer to their diabolical god takes on the form of war, incineration, and, in the case of Ya’alon’s threats, the use of nukes.

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