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May 14, 2015


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Wide Awake Gentile


The Congress of Vienna was the emergence of the Rothschild moth from its cocoon. The diktat of this Congress was a simple one — the aristocracies of Europe must submit to the Rothschild will, or they are doomed . The death sentence upon the Royal Houses of Europe was pronounced by those who had the will to carry out their edict. It took another century to perfect the work, not because the killers were weak, but because they wished to proceed cautiously, without revealing their full strength. In combat, the decisive weapon is the one your opponent does not know about.

It was notnecessary to pronounce a death sentence upon the ruling families of America, because there were none . During the 19th century, a few descendants of colonial entrepreneurs had amassed wealth, and could afford a life of leisure and travel. They remained slavishly dependent upon Continental…

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