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June 15, 2021

Former MP, Dr Richard Taylor Wants Indefinite UK Lockdown, Says “Sadly, It Can’t Be Forever”

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Just for a laugh, check out the massive great schnozzle on this one.

June 14, 2021

Are these the numbers scaring Boris? Study shows 29% of the 42 people who have died after catching the new strain had BOTH vaccinations as cases soar another 40%

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Well, these figures are something to repeat to all the bullshitting GP’s who just love to tell us what a marvellous job they are doing.

TPTB (The Tribe) are laying this pre-planned crap on everyone harder and harder, faster and faster, in the attempt to make it impossible for anyone to even comprehend.

Pfizer Kill Shot Arm AFTER ONE MONTH

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Spike Proteins Enter The BRAIN Causing Inflammation Of Lewy Bodies (Alzheimers) & Spongiform Encephalopathy (Mad Cow Disease) In 5-6 Weeks In Animal Studies – THEY WILL DO JUST THE SAME TO HUMANS

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4 minutes 29 seconds viewing time


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Countryfile viewers ‘horrified’ by Matt Baker’s dairy farm segment ‘I’m appalled!’

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Comments submitted to the above article for publication by mothman777;

The COVID lockdown system for humans is presumably part of the preparation to put all of us under just the same sort of factory farming arrangement. After all, their scriptures do say we are literally all just cattle, so we undoubtedly do get regarded just the same and will no doubt ultimately be treated in some approximately similar manner as these cows under this American style intensive farm system. It is all a matter of which people we choose for our leaders.

But cows need exercise, sunshine, and a wide variety of plants, as naturally, they do not just eat grass, they eat just about everything including plant material even at head height, but the grass alone that they are getting fed here does not look right for them.

Also, food eaten fresh live from the ground or from trees and bushes or hedges contains pranic life force energy which all creatures need, without which bioassimilation of minerals and vitamins is limited, and prana is also a vital nutrient in itself on various levels, and the cows need to be in the open air to receive that from not only whichever plants they would eat naturally by their own choice as they sense is appropriate for them at the time, but also from direct sunlight and fresh air, and from even the ground itself, as grazing animals tend to move with the earth energies on the ground just as birds sometimes do in murmurations as they follow the flow of such subtle energy life force currents in the air, for instance one can see sheep naturally congregate to sleep in areas of fields that are rich in leyline pranic or earth energies, as such energy is very comforting and supportive to them on every level, as it is for humans also, which humans would sense more and benefit from if they followed ancient architectural principles which understood all these principles necessary for healthy living.

Under present intensive farming methods, calves are separated from their mothers and fed a mixture of pigs’ blood and chocolate as a hellish so-called milk substitute, and in some cases even fed on recycled cardboard as a cellulose source instead of grass, often without having had toxic inks removed beforehand.

We are very rapidly heading into ‘Silent Running’ territory where understanding of what is necessary to maintain life is reduced to a very narrow and actually highly insufficient spectrum of mere chemicals.

June 12, 2021

Geopolitics expert warns China preparing for TOTAL WAR against the United States in “a matter of months” … cyber attacks, bioweapons, kinetic and NUCLEAR strikes all on the table

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Comment by mothman777;

No doubt with Israel pulling the strings if it does, as Israel has always wanted the USA destroyed, heavily infiltrated Jewish operatives such as Jewish bankers, politicians and senior military officers in the USA literally created the Chinese communist state and the Russian communist state, those are facts, and communism is Judaism.

Those communist states were created using American tax money and money filched through criminal usury from Gentile Americans, especially by fractional reserve banking, to come back on the American people, part of the ‘Second Rome’, white people, that the Jews say must be destroyed all over the world before their Pax Judaica, their Jewish reign over the whole planet can come into being (to cover this up they have propaganda created falsely alleging that ‘Nazis’ are doing this, and that they want to take over the planet, or to really fox people, that ‘Zionazis’ who are allegedly even fake Jews are the ones doing this, they come up with some intendedly mind-numbing little head games to prevent people understanding.

We can see how Jewish scientists created the lethal mRNA vaccines, and how the heavily Jewish EcoHealth alliance and the Jewish-named ‘Jesuit’ called Fauci ordered the creation of what was no doubt put in those vaccines based on the work done in the Chinese lab on the orders of Fauci and the so-called ‘British’ Peter Daszak, whose name is very Jewish like the name Tal Zaks, one of the Jewish inventors of the synthetic mRNA COVID bioweapon fake vaccine.

Canadian Commies Revive Residential School Genocide Story

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Comment by mothman777;

Not sure what is meant by saying ‘Commies’ in the title of this article, since it is agreed that abuse of the aboriginal native population in Canada has been occurring and is ongoing.

According to an old Mother Jones report, the Indian reservations have water supplies heavily and dangerously fluoridated at levels 12 times or so more than in non-reservation areas, and according to Canadian Indians I have personally met and spoken with, Canadian Native Indian men often have little choice but to work down the uranium mines with obvious results (cancer, sterilization and birth defects).

June 11, 2021

Lienz Cossacks: Desertion And Betrayal In WWII

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US Army Commander Identifies White Men as the Enemy – Comment

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And with the UK following up the arse of the USA (or is it the other way round?), this is where the UK is definitely going, in fact I think this is very definitely taking place in the UK already and has been for many years under the treacherous Jewish-based misleadership in Britain.

He also reportedly added that only .01 percent of [racism] accusations are false, and that he would always believe someone coming forward about an uncomfortable situation.

“If you’re a white male, you are part of the problem.”

Rhodes is a name that is very commonly use by Jews and crypto-Jews, no way is ‘Rhodes’ a ‘white’ man.

This is what happens when the Parasite invader infiltrates by purposely adopting the appearance of those in their unwitting host nation in order to be able to subvert and destroy them.

John Dee (13 July 1527 – 1608 or 1609), the rather shady ‘Anglo-Welsh’ mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, teacher, occultist, metaphysicist and alchemist who kept the company of a deceptive convicted criminal was also the court astronomer for, and advisor to, Elizabeth I, and spent much of his time involved in alchemy, divination and Hermetic philosophy, and as an antiquarian had one of the largest libraries in England at the time.

John Dee misadvised Queen Elizabeth I that she should advise members of the English nobility to intermarry with Jews and start an empire overseas, obviously to add a white man’s face to those doing the invading and exploitation of other peoples in other lands whilst the physical bodies of those leading these invasions, whilst bearing the appearance of being white men would actually house the souls of the Parasite, those hell-bent on conquering the world, enslaving and then ultimately destroying all others in it, a process we have seen Jews engaged in many times in history, now with the COVID mRNA bioweapons invented by highly sinister Jewish scientists being effectively forced on the Gentile peoples of the world by ‘politicians’ and ‘doctors’ in many nations who very often strangely seem obsessed with serving Israel and Jewish interests at the same time, for obvious reasons.

After the Norman King William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066, also bringing with him a second army of Jewish bankers to thoroughly enslave the Gentile English by the criminal practice of usury, very revealingly he passed a Talmudic law that the word of 12 English Gentiles would thenceforth be required to challenge the word of any Jew in any court of law, and so it goes on, this has never really stopped except for a brief cessation of Jewish control over the English that was enabled under the benevolent reign of Good King Edward I who passed the Law of Expulsion in 1290, after which all those Jews who could be openly identified lost their positions of power and influence in England and were expelled, with a great many going into Scotland and Ireland, almost immediately after which, of course, the man named William Wallace, bearing a name very often used by Jews, by very strange cohencidence, led Scottish soldiers into England against the forces of King Edward I.

This hostile corrosive influence of the Jews against the English people is not going to stop until the 1290 Law of Expulsion is re-enforced, as it still can be enforced again by any monarch in England, as the monarch, contrary to popular belief, still has the power to override the government and veto or enforce any act that the monarch sees fit, but for that to happen of course, we need a new royal family that is not heavily saturated with treacherous Jewish interbreeding and Jewish criminal association.

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