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November 20, 2019

Adding beetroots to your diet can prevent high blood pressure from salty food

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November 18, 2019

Aliens ‘Turned Off Nuclear Weapons’ to Show Us How ‘Useless’ They Are, Claims UFO Expert

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Comment by mothman777 (longer version than published on Sputnik, as 5,000 character limit imposed there);

If only those species of aliens which are actually benevolent towards the true human species in this world really could help us as much as they wish.
But many humans are presently mentally disabled in seemingly overwhelming proportions, so much so as to almost cancel out the democratic possibility of positive change being effected by those who still have sufficient common sense left.

Deliberate weaponized mental-handicapping by various artificial means is demonstrably being employed by the Jews against the various human species and races.

Those species of aliens which are actually benevolent cannot stop nuclear shells being fired from howitzers, nor can they stop nuclear backpack bombs carried by suicide troops, and such have been issued by the (controlled) US as Sputnik mentioned in the following revealing report; ‘One-Way Mission’: US Had Nuclear Backpack Bombers During Cold War – Report.

Nor could any benevolent alien species stop bombs hidden in Israeli embassies around the world, such as likely exists in New York today for instance;’Israeli NYC Embassy A Radiation Hot Spot?’

Nor can aliens stop DU entering our ecosystems after such heavily radioactive and mutagenic waste material, which partly vaporizes upon being fired, has been fired in machine gun rounds, either from the ground, or from A10 ‘Warthog’ tank buster aircraft.

Every single atomic or nuclear weapon in existence today has been invented by Jewish scientists alone as a result of their peculiar twisted mindset, from the first atom bomb invented by Jew Leo-Szilard who patented the atom bomb in London in 1934 (the design for which he possibly channelled from similar forces elsewhere), to the Jews who invented the nuclear and neutron bombs, the identities of which I have already covered elsewhere. Hitler forbade any work on such weapons, which he called ‘the Jewish hell weapon’, nonetheless, the Jewish propaganda industry has been very busy issuing all kinds of absolutely ridiculous fake reports to the contrary.

Szilard carried the nuclear bomb design of another Jewish scientist to the ultimate level in 1950, when he invented the cobalt nuclear dirty bomb, which he stated would permanently exterminate all forms of life in this entire world with the deployment of 400 such devices.

Complete insanity in the form of the Jew is something that the aliens will have quite a problem contending with, as those sneaky mental cases will always find a way to destroy all forms of life on this planet, which exists in a dimension that they hate, apparently finding it intensely irritating, as they have no properly-functioning relationship with the real God and consequently see no Godly ultimate purpose in its existence.

Take Fukushima for instance, where the Israeli/Jewish-infiltrated CIA snuck the Stuxnet computer virus onto the in-house computer systems of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, causing all six safety shutdown protocols to be completely disabled at precisely the same time as a tsunami of mysterious origin just happened to occur and inundate the Fukushima power plant in a very strange cohencidence, resulting in three nuclear cores now unstoppably burning their way into the ground and contaminating the water, with the normal die-off rate in the Pacific Ocean being around 1% as normally present on the floor of the ocean, now a massive 98% to 99% dead creatures littering the ocean floor, with all forms of life in the Pacific Ocean now practically extinct.

The Jews have just got to do their thing it seems as in Deuteronomy 20:16, “But of the cities of these people, which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth”.

In WWII, the Americans proposed using undersea explosions off the coast of Japan to create an artificial tsunami, and HAARP today can do just the same thing, but when the American atomic weapons were perfected and their use approved on Japanese cities, rather than on Germany, their original intended target, they were eventually dropped upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki, though the choice of Nagasaki was a late choice from several other potential targets, with the tsunami project then being dropped altogether.

Of course, various ideas exist for the reason behind this attack on Fukushima have been put forward, whilst of course, a number of ‘obvious’ vile stories have been printed that Japan did this deliberately and is in fact mounting a kind of nuclear attack on America by apparently ‘deliberately allowing’ such pollution of the Pacific Ocean and its fisheries to take place, no doubt put out by the usual suspects. That Japan is a former Axis Power nation, with the highest rate of readership per head of Mein Kampf in the world, that Japan had been helping Iran with nuclear technology, and stories about Japan secretly developing a nuclear weapons arsenal are likely contributory factors to this.

It seems the planetary destruction squad are hard at work as usual, and that with the already nuclear war levels of nuclear materials in the atmosphere from several thousand atomic weapons tests and ground tests, along with Fukushima and the massive levels of DU in the environment, with navies like the British Navy even shooting targets for practice out at sea near fishing grounds with DU shells, the Jews most likely have already got their way, with the process of certain eventual removal of all forms of life from this material dimension already well under way and completely assured.

And we are not ultimately being done any spiritual favours by the Jews in this regard, just see how agonizingly painful and protracted the suffering of those kids in Iraq is with the most horrifically distressing genetic damage and disabling deformities.

The Jews really want to hurt all other species in this dimension as badly as possible (whilst their deceptive ‘scriptures’ are full of ambiguities, such as “though shalt not kill”, and “kill every living thing that breathes” etc.), which is all part of the process of skinning us energetically to harvest our energetic bodies, to make us want ‘to give up the ghost’, all part of the worldwide parasitic ‘spirit-cooking’ process by which the Jews feed on the life force of beings in this dimension, as the Jews have deliberately chosen to have have no proper connection with the real God, who alone would be able to properly vivify their souls by licit means.

November 17, 2019

The Globalists Are Openly Admitting To Their Population Control Agenda – And That’s A Bad Sign…

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Comment by mothman777;

Honestly, the article risks promoting Gentile suicide or passivity whilst the degradation of the fittest and finest examples of the Gentile genome continues. Did the author not grasp what is really happening? No he did not.

The program of the National Socialists was about actually preserving the finest of humanity, whereas the cruel Marxist abomination run today that is foolishly misnomered as eugenics, is actually malgenics or dysgenics, the total opposite of eugenics, an utterly malicious program dedicated to crippling the Gentile peoples and races to make them more suitable as slaves.

It goes something like this; “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”, that was published by Karl Marx, whose teachings were implemented in Russia, and those Talmudic practices were intended to be continued throughout all of Europe, then the USA, then the rest of the world in direct succession, with the Communist NWO drive towards one world government that is now intended to be run from Jerusalem being a Jewish thing that is just being continued today, some of the Jewish bosses cleverly just changed the methodology, that is all, as to impose a Communist Jewish NWO at that time would have been a little too obvious as a set-up for the Allied nations in the West at that time, so the guys at the top just changed direction a little so that people in the West would not suspect what is being done to them, in a soft-kill manner.

First comes the deliberately created currently ongoing malgenic or dysgenic reduction of intelligence and creation of illness in all Gentile peoples, as they are all intended to be nothing more than weakened slaves on an animal level, the only people intended to possess any intellect and be able to use that intellect, well, you can guess, will be the one people (or race, as they see themselves, according to Menachem Schneerson and others like him), who they consider actually have living souls, the one people alone they say who actually come from God, they will be the one people who do not get interbred into one new interbred homogenized subjugated slave race, and they will dominate that deliberately created slave race, if not stopped, that is.

Our national armies and police forces should be redirected to face off those behind this threat, but as long as the leadership of our governments, armed forces and police forces remains heavily infiltrated by Jewish agents who are ultimately intent on our total enslavement and finally our total physical extermination (that is what their religion says, after all, just saying a fact there), things will just carry one getting worse.

When the DARPA humanoid robots are perfected and rolled out in around 20 years time or so, well, that is when all the dehumanized, deliberately mentally handicapped slave peoples will be physically exterminated when they are no longer needed, just as Marx clearly states is the ultimate aim, the human peoples of the world really had nothing to worry about as regards what Germany was intending, but they will have real problems being exterminated by those that really think they are the ‘master race’. Hint; those people have never been German, or even true humans, forget the 1st grade propaganda. And hey, study their scriptures, they say we Gentiles are all subhuman, mere animals. Here are a few examples; ‘Jewish Talmudic Quotes – Facts Are Facts’.

Here is the reality of the coming consequences of the actual non-victory that Allied Gentile peoples really achieved by the senseless destruction of Germany whilst in the deadly grip of Jewish propaganda and hypnosis;

“We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one. We mean the word ‘red’ literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars pale by comparison. The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us. If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution’s funeral, and we shall became a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees. We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence.” — From the ‘Memoirs of Aron Simanovich’, quoted in The Nature of Zionism by Vladimir Stepin, Moscow, 1993, and translated from Russian into English by Clive Lindhurst.

This is why the Jews hate eugenics, because Gentile people can possess intellect and independence from the Jews through intelligence. People who actually think that any of what is happening to Gentile peoples today is anything to do with any form of eugenics need to study the English language and the actual meaning of the word eugenics. The Jews want you to hate eugenics so that you will applaud and even fight for the ‘human right’ to be made so stupid as to permit your own enslavement and ultimate extermination through genetic damage being inflicted by various means, the Coudenhove Kalergi plan, GMO’s, fluoride, mercury in vaccines, premature severing of the umbilical cord that slashes 20 points off the IQ’s of all babies abused in this manner straightaway, etc., and as well as these surreptitiously administered soft-kill methods, they arrange for the fittest and finest Gentiles to get get killed in wars that the Jews constantly arrange for that very purpose, all the time.

If you want to survive or your children to survive, you really will need to embrace eugenics, the creation of children with the mental capacity to self-govern and become free from slavery under the Jews.

It is perfectly obvious that the average intelligence of the greater mass of the voters at present has been heavily reduced by various deliberate means. That process will have to be stopped, and for that to be stopped will require people of greater intellect in greater numbers.

The idea of eugenics is perfectly obvious to every other species throughout nature. To oppose the healthful is totally perverse, and such opposition serves only to make oneself available for enslavement and thus enable the eventual slaughter of all Gentiles in the world, and the Zohar and the words of Karl Marx fully confirm that the Jews only intend to enslave and eventually slaughter all Gentiles in the world.

Once again, is eugenics really a bad thing?

Our Gentile races and peoples have been suffering the steady degradation and elimination of the finest examples of our genomes in a deliberate, maliciously-arranged manner for centuries already, it is time to reverse that process.

Spiritual progress itself requires a higher intellect to more easily acquire the revivified transcendental spiritual intellect of each individual eternal spirit soul, and spiritual progress is the highest aim of all life on Earth, to enable us all to return to a higher dimension of being in a Godly manner. The Jews totally deny that opportunity to us all.

The UN has approved the eventual worldwide implementation of Jewish Noahide Laws which state that all non-Jewish religions are to be destroyed and made illegal, and that the adherents of all such ‘idolatrous’ religions are to be totally exterminated if they persist in maintaining Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Wodenist or any other non-Jewish religious or spiritual tradition of understanding and practice, these laws being just another angle on the Marxist idea of ultimately exterminating all non-Jewish races and peoples in the entire world, any excuse will do.

And they need you to be stupid to get away with all that, and for you to oppose eugenics. The Jews themselves don’t oppose eugenics for their own people, Jews cannot even get citizenship or even marry in Israel unless they can demonstrate they have real Jewish DNA.

November 16, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn and millionaire wife Laura Alvarez Corbyn’s coffee business caught exploiting the world’s poorest migrant workers

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Jeremy Corbyn and millionaire wife Laura Alvarez Corbyn’s coffee business caught exploiting the world’s poorest migrant workers

Comment by mothman777;

The name Alvarez, like so many other names ending with ‘ez’, is of Sephardic Jewish origin, like those of Cortez and Velasquez, these two names being those of ‘Spanish’ Conquistadores responsible for the slaughter of 10-12 million South American Indians, who travelled to the Americas on ships with Columbus, nee Colon, another Jew, who observed many Jewish customs whilst also outwardly posing to many as a ‘Catholic’.

‘Biography of Diego Velazquez de Cuellar, Conquistador’

Biography of Hernando Cortez Conquistador

Columbus had set out looking for a ‘New World’ in which the Jews who were being expelled from European nations could resettle. Whilst his team did some land-clearance in North America, other teams led by Velasquez and Cortez did some land-clearance in the Southern Americas.

Columbus slaughtered vast numbers of North American Indians, often burning them to death, suspending them by the dozen from long poles above roasting fires, cutting the feet off others, or cutting their hands off if they failed to bring him sufficient ‘tributes’, leaving them to bleed to death, in other words, he was another insane mass-murdering hate-filled racist Jewish Bolshevik type, following the edict given in Deuteronomy 20:16; “But of the cities of these people, which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth”.

Obviously, Corbyn and his wife believe in practicing the great Jewish tradition of enslaving all others and cruelly exploiting them. The Jewish Leon Trotsky and part-Jewish Lenin not only slaughtered vast numbers of Christians, often by torturing them to death in the most protracted and sadistically painful ways possible, they also stole vast amounts from them and other Russian people during the 1917 Jewish Bolshevik terrorist takeover of Russia, and stashed hundreds of millions of dollars equivalent value at the time in gold and diamonds etc. in the vaults of foreign banks, not to fund any revolution, but to satisfy their typical Jewish personal greed.

Steptoe Corbyn lookalike rabbi;

Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said;

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel.”

“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.”

November 15, 2019

Copper Hospital Beds Kill 95% Of Bacteria, Preventing Infections And Saving Lives: Study

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Copper Hospital Beds Kill 95% Of Bacteria, Preventing Infections And Saving Lives: Study

Comment by mothman777;

With shocking figures indicating that 100,000 Americans die every year from hospital-acquired infections, with such hospital-acquired infections sickening about 2 million other patients, with an additional up to 250,000 Americans also dying every year in hospitals from hospital-acquired sepsis, the suggestion of copper beds to minimize transmission of illness by contaminated surfaces is no doubt highly welcome to all patients familiar with the often very contaminated conditions of many hospitals resulting from the constant passage of those with very serious and often fatal illnesses.

A new protocol to treat sepsis was devised in recent times, comprising of large intravenous doses of Vitamin C, Thiamine and Hydrocortisone, which massively reduce the present death rate from sepsis;

“Sepsis accounts for 30% to 50% of all in-hospital deaths in the United States.”

‘Vitamin C — A Game Changer in Treatment of Deadly Sepsis’

“Each year, an estimated 1 million Americans get sepsis and up to half die. Giving patients IV vitamin C with hydrocortisone and thiamine reduced mortality nearly fivefold, from 40 percent to 8.5 percent …

“Each year, an estimated 1 million Americans get sepsis and up to half of them are acquired in the hospital. Sepsis is a progressive disease process initiated by an aggressive, dysfunctional immune response to an infection in the bloodstream, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as blood poisoning.”

The term sepsis does not mean the same thing as infection, sepsis results from the body’s inflammatory reaction to untreated bacterial, viral or fungal infections.

Vitamin C, Hydrocortisone and Thiamine for the treatment of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock:

Sepsis can carry on killing months or even years even later;

Undoubtedly, to get copper beds approved and into hospitals will require a major change in present ways of thinking in most government health ministries in the world and most hospital authorities, and the same will apply as regards the new protocol to treat sepsis. Again, actual conscientious Gentile human beings will be required to bring about such changes, to overrule any lingering presence of the Marxist NWO ‘anti-lifers’ who seem determined at the very least to drag their feet and obfuscate such matters.

The report below details, how, in fact, governmental health departments and medical authorities have known of such alternative possibilities for treatment of sepsis since two decades ago, but have yet failed to implement any of the suggested changes, no doubt resulting in the deaths of many hundreds of thousands in the US alone. Quoting from the article; “My only regret is that these approaches were not implemented 20 years sooner, as data from the mid-1990s indicated a high degree of probable efficacy.”

‘Sepsis: Is There Now a Cure?’

The following report says that there are around 250,000 cases of sepsis a year in the UK, and that 52,000 people here die from it, with surviving patients not being properly advised about the very serious nature of additional effects of the condition. The figure of 52,000 deaths in the UK from sepsis dated September 2019 has apparently risen from 46,000  in 2018 which is provided in the report below;

‘Why are sepsis patients not being warned about its shattering after-effects? From memory loss to aches, insomnia and depression, survivors are often not told it could take months to fully recover from deadly condition’

The following speaks for itself;

‘UK sepsis death rate five times higher than Europe’s best-performing country’

‘Sepsis-associated mortality in England: An analysis of multiple cause of death data from 2001 to 2010’

If we average various factors out, a minimum average of 40,000 deaths a year over the last 20 years reduced by at least 80% leaves us with 640,000 needless deaths that could have been prevented, cold-blooded murder by a cold-blooded dictatorship intent on population reduction is what it is, because they had all the facts, ignored them, and STILL ignore them.

I have just spoken with NHS hospital staff about this solution for sepsis and been totally ignored and mistreated by snotty and hostile staff for having spoken out, as has happened before on several other similar occasions after I have mentioned, giving just one example, how occurrences of transmission of prion disease in hospitals, dental practices and veterinary practices can be prevented, using ozone gas to destroy the infectious prion agent on contaminated medical instruments, with prion disease now thought to be responsible for many cases of what is often considered to be just Alzheimer’s Disease.

Ozone gas can safely destroy the infectious prion agent which only red heat or strong acid can do otherwise, which cannot be used on medical instruments, with standard autoclaving being entirely ineffective on prions, and autoclaving not even being possible for delicate equipment like gastroscopy tubing.

That ozone can destroy infectious prion agents has been known for many years, but the NHS continually pleads total ignorance about what to do when they know very well what they COULD do if only they were willing, and their total ignoral is very fishy indeed, as the solution is very safe, totally effective and extremely cheap and practical, and I have been not only ignored, but very rudely treated and quite literally savagely and deliberately maltreated on various occasions for merely making positive suggestions in a bright and cheery manner, with the response sometimes having amounted to deliberate medical torture in some instances, leaving me in extreme pain for very prolonged periods of time over several months as a consequence, in a manner that we have been educated only occurs today in Stalinist modern China and similar regimes.

And that is after I spoke with NHS medical staff on all occasions on these and other issues in a very civil and helpful manner.

Or is it merely time for the government, as usual, to shift attention from any really genuine issues and have another useless hysterical debate on stopping anti-whatsitism whilst we the people are actually dying in huge numbers, when those in power can stop that with a penstroke, and with OUR money that they currently misuse?

It is our money after all, not theirs. If the government and the NHS leaders don’t like these suggestions, then they should get out, after all, they are thoroughly abusing their positions of trust on the issues of effective prevention of prion disease and the effective prevention of sepsis for instance, and only fraudulently maintaining their positions in an abusive manner in that they persistently and deliberately refuse to accept these positive solutions.

Someone in the world dies from sepsis just under every 5 seconds, resulting in around 20,000 deaths a day worldwide. In industrialized countries, sepsis is responsible for as many deaths as myocardial infarction: with 95 cases of sepsis per 100,000 inhabitants for the under 65 years of age, and 1220 cases for over 65 years. 

Approximately 25% of patients who survive sepsis are left with permanent cognitive impairments.

In developing countries, sepsis postpartum remains a major cause of mortality of women after childbirth (18 000 deaths per year). Regarding neonatal sepsis, it is believed that it is the cause of over 350,000 deaths among new-born babies in the world.

Despite this, sepsis remains far behind other diseases in terms of research funding priority, with funding allocated to sepsis research being 13 times lower than that allocated for diseases of the heart, and 32 times lower than the amounts invested in research on AIDS.

’21 Unimaginable Sepsis Mortality Statistics’

As regards cancer, just 2 or 3 sessions, each just 3 minutes long using harmless radiowave frequencies (not X-Rays) using the original Raymond Royal Rife technology completely cured 100% of cases of even the most advanced forms of cancer that it was tested on back in the late 1930’s, before the Rife technology was banned by the usual suspects.

Compare the Rife approach with the modern conventional allopathic oncological approach of several-hours-long radioactive sestamibi scans, or the long CT scans, the barium meal scans while they play at ‘looking for cancer’ with such X-rays and radioactive substances actually causing cancer in a significant number of cases, far far higher in number than they will admit to, you can see we are literally being denied real treatment for cancer, that we are not even receiving preventative medicine for cancer, and that we are actually on a factory conveyor belt in what is in reality a malevolently-intended genocidal process.

How about, instead of a damaging X-Ray CT scan to look for cancer when cancer might be suspected as being present, they simply give us 2 or 3 sessions of just 3 minutes each session radiowave preventative therapy?

That makes much more sense. The Rife technology back then was so powerful that radio equipment could pick up Rife radiowave signals three miles away, though at that distance of course, their effect was no longer therapeutic, but to prevent interference with today’s emergency telecommunications transmissions used by the fire, police or ambulance services for example, these days the privately obtainable Rife-type machines are much less powerful, requiring hours of use a day for several months to treat cancer, but if the original technology were to be re-released to be safely used in Faraday-cage settings in hospitals, then such short time-frames for treatments could be realized once again, and be used not only for treatment of already existing cancer, but in a preventative manner at absolutely negligible cost, without any damage to healthy tissue or vital friendly bacteria in the human body.

Australian scientists say they may have found a cure for cancer

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Comment by mothman777;

“Professor Yuman Fong, head of the Oncolytic Viral Therapy Scientific Advisory Board at Imugene, explained that scientists knew as early as 1922 that the cowpox virus could kill cancer. The problem was that if they made the virus toxic enough to kill cancer cells, it could potentially kill the patient, too.”

This is based on the idea of phage medicine as used in various areas by Russian state medicine today, which acknowledges that a stronger pathogen devours, displaces or kills a weaker pathogen in competition with it.

The Raymond Royal Rife radiowave beam machine technology that he used in the 1930’s cured 100% of cancer cases in a medical trial, before his technology was viciously suppressed for no good reason by the Jewish Morris Fishbein, who was the head of the American Medical Association at the time.

Fishbein was a very unsavoury character who was later convicted of fraud, who engaged in all kinds of vicious criminal activities to bring this about, making sure that the Rife technology would no longer be accessible to anyone in the USA, and what Fishbein did took place under the crypto-Jewish Roosevelt administration of the time, and this has led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world since, not only from cancer but from many other lethal diseases. That was the beginning of yet another stage of an undeclared and still unrecognized ages-old world war against the whole of Gentile humanity.

The technology also vanished in the UK where two of his machines were being used.

Specific radiowave frequencies when used in combination with the right types of technology kill several types of pathogen that are responsible for enabling a stage of the cancer process to develop, without which, the cancer dies completely.

The Rife frequencies also kill a wide variety of other pathogens, and could, if the right technology is deployed in state hospitals around the world, successfully eradicate many lethal diseases today, replacing the racket of harmful vaccines, antibiotics, X-Ray cancer ‘treatment’ and chemotherapy, with chemotherapy being so highly toxic even to healthy tissue that it is frequently lethal to patients during administration, and ends up producing such damage even to surviving patients that have been officially declared as having being cured from cancer that even 50% of ‘cured’ patients are dead within 5 years, and 90% are dead within 10-15 years.

A decent government would commit resources to redevelop the Rife technology to the fullest potential and deploy it to be used in all state hospitals to put an end to the totally unnecessary suffering in today’s allopathic cancer wards, which have been reduced to mere Bolshevik slaughterhouses in large measure, which are criminally posed to the conditioned and gullible Gentiles as cathedrals of healing.

Albeit, a significant proportion of the staff working in hospitals, including some of those on the more menial levels, are very sincere in their intentions to actually benefit their patients, and actually seek to do so, having absolutely no idea of the vast criminal and multidimensional deception that has been worked on everyone by the genocidally mass-murdering megalomaniac Jews who are overwhelmingly in charge, whose religion clearly and unambiguously states that all Gentiles in the world are to be enslaved and eventually totally exterminated.

We have to acknowledge that there is a very suspicious predominance of Jews working at senior levels within the various medical and political fields, and we must question their sincerity and ultimate motivation for being in those positions, when Jewish scripture itself forbids any Jew doctor to heal a Gentile except where it is necessary to conceal the hatred of the Jews towards Gentiles, obviously so that the Jews can gradually take more and more power to get into a position where ‘medicine’ can be used as a lethal weapon on a mass scale against captive Gentile populations at whim without the slightest suspicion being raised.

What the hell are Jews even doing in our countries at all? Cromwell stupidly let them back into England, erroneously considering that they had benefitted him in helping him fulfill his designs upon power in England, but he had unwittingly allowed the lethally-intended parasite back into this country at the same time in doing so.

Their insane terrorist pseudo-religion, a cover, even states cleverly that we Gentiles were only created to serve the Jews, as confirmed by the late head of the Israeli Shas Party, the Sephardic Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, and that we must all become their slaves, that members of all non-Jewish religions must all be slaughtered.

This updated Deuteronomy 20:16-style edict requirement now intended to be eventually expressed under the modern Noahide Laws, which have already been officially approved by the Jewish-controlled UN for eventual worldwide physical implementation in every nation in the entire world, state that all survivors of that mass purge are to become literal slaves after the military enforcement of the genocidal Noahide Laws, which rabbis on YouTube, now likely only on BitChute, tell us will be enforced for the Jews by the military forces of nations that they control, explicitly those of NATO nations, so the Jews are not short of weapons or soldiers to actually implement the Noahide Laws by lethal force and draconian government after the initial purges.

Hypnotism over the Gentiles is King, as always, as far as the Jews are concerned, and looking at matters from this perspective, just how benevolent towards Gentiles do you think the Jews really are now? These beings mean to kill literally billions of all Gentiles, self-statedly if you listen to them speak live on video. And why would people have been so inept as to allow state officials to permit allow such criminally insane and blatantly hostile enemy agents to even stand for election in this and other Gentile nations? Effective hypnotism by various means is the answer.

A few genuinely conscientious medical researchers occasionally come up with great ideas to cure cancer, only to find them squelched by mysterious departmental forces higher up, or governments endlessly dragging their feet whilst approvals are being sought for research, so that we end up still being left with the ‘traditional’, very often ineffective and very painful chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery approach.

Oh, and the endless discoveries that will cure cancer that we see in the newspapers every three months or so, that we are certain, they tell us, to see being made available in three years or so or even sooner, not a single one of which is ever eventually made manifest, and this has been going on for decades due to these demonic terrorists, but they hold the Rife technology secret from all of us all the time, resulting in worse suffering to humanity than both world wars put together.

The cancer cures effected by CBD/THC oil for instance have been largely ‘debunked’ and disregarded by the mainstream British National Health Service and government without any good reason, you can see there is clearly something very wrong with the sorts of people currently in power.

Here, for instance, only CBD is approved for a trial by the NHS, but not THC, but uncombusted THC is a vital part of the equation to cure cancer, which is not an intoxicant when uncombusted in any case, even whilst the government surely knows how deadly lethal chemotherapy already is to a great many patients.

If the government wishes to argue that THC could be abused and smoked by cancer patients rather than be used to cure their cancer, they are clearly round the twist, they damned well know how obstructive they are being and they damned well know why they are being so obstructive. And in any case, NHS hospitals could administer CBD/THC oil therapeutically, and prevent the possibility of any abuse. The ‘people’ in power just want to hold on to their power to ensure mass deaths, that is the clear answer.

The governments in many nations like the UK insanely continue to refuse to ban synthetic hydrogenated oils or trans-fats in foods that are proven to actually cause ischaemia, which is blood restriction causing oxygen starvation in tissues that then definitely leads to cancer and many other diseases.

A people’s government would not only ban the criminal chicanery of usury, including a ban on the current entirely corrupt practice of fractional reserve banking which is run in league with the corrupt governments that compel people to slave the best years of their lives quite unnecessarily to pay back a massively punitive thirty times the amount they really borrow from the criminal banks on mortgage ‘loans’, but also engage in a whole host of humanitarian reforms undreamed of by most, undreamed of due to the fact that access to such normally entirely obvious and entirely natural things has been brainwashed out of people’s minds over many years.

We would ban trans-fats or hydrogenated fats immediately, and any company manufacturing food would be required by law to only manufacture food that is actually intended to adequately nourish people in very good measure and ensure good health. All food ingredients and methods of production would be checked by a new state body in order to ensure that foods are actually capable of nourishing people in a thoroughly healthy manner, such a measure being intended to counter the growing NWO tendency to approve the foisting of toxic artificial chemical fake food on us.

Toxic aluminium cookware and toxic Teflon-coated cookware containing fluoride would also be outlawed immediately.

There is a large number of additional health and other issues that are currently ignored by the present largely good-for-nothing government which is seemingly mainly concerned with combatting the cleverly conjured-up spectre of ‘anti-semitism’ that I intend to properly address in the manner of universally benevolent suggestions for reforms and improvements in many areas, and these would not be impractical or even additionally expensive measures, but merely common sense benevolent measures that we should all have seen implemented many decades ago if we had actually had human beings running our governments, instead of what we do have.

In terms of expense, as regards the possibility of any additional expenses that might be incurred as a result of implementing such reforms, such reforms would actually work out saving us money in the long run in terms of untold billions in saved health expenses, and the improved health, well-being and increased productivity of people in general would also more than cover any possible additional expenses.

This would enable the production of much bigger and much higher quality, truly livable housing, free from usurious mortgage repayments, that would become available for a fraction of the previous costs of previously much smaller and much poorer quality accommodation. We too will then easily be able to have massive and extremely comfortable properties like we see on the television programs for tiny amounts of money like those properties in France, Portugal, Spain and elsewhere on the continent.

At present, all we are doing is paying for Israeli military expansion, their illicit terrorist Samson Option nuclear threat against the entire world, their Talpiot worldwide electronic surveillance program that can infiltrate every mobile phone, computer and other electronic data storage and communications device throughout the entire world, and housing and other social services costs resulting from foolishly and unnecessarily giving permanent citizenship to hordes of mostly non-productive economic migrants from Africa, with he UN stating that by 2025, they want over 150 million Africans to enter Europe, and this is quite plainly only to breed whites out of existence, not to replace falling numbers in the white workforce.

The plain truth is this, that in order to pay for hordes of non-productive Africans, white people are now unable to pay for anything more than a bedsit or one bedroomed flat, entirely insufficient to raise a family of their own, so their family size is articially suppressed by that means, in order to then falsely justify the bringing in of large African families or fast-breeding blacks to supposedly replace the shortfall in the white workforce, it is all such a cruel plot by the malicious Marxist Jewish politicians in power to get rid of the white people entirely. Surely, wasn’t it the case that they told us to reduce our family size? We did end up doing that due to one thing and another, now they tell us we cannot have the benefits of more space and cheaper, bigger and better housing that should have then come to us all, and that now all the resources that we have saved are not going to be redistributed to our own, but given away to others to the point of our own impoverishment and inability to buy homes to raise our own families in reasonable comfort.

The Jewish-owned banks have been massively defrauding and enslaving everyone for years to pay for the military excesses of Israel and their proxy terrorist armies such as Daesh in the Middle East fighting to secure additional territories for the expanded borders of their intended Eretz Israel for one thing.

We would stop permanent citizenship of any refugees, allowing refugees in this nation for only so long as conditions warrant their continued stay here, with immediate repatriation or deportation to other suitable destinations when situations abroad permit, or in the event of serious crime being committed by so-called refugees abusing their liberty here, as many often do.

Compassionate repatriation for people of different races races to their places of racial origin would also be introduced with very attractive incentives, with a program extending over several decades to facilitate a very comfortable and gentile pattern of repatriation, to put an end to all the Jewish Marxist nonsense of intended racial interbreeding, which is actually maliciously intended and entirely unnatural.

None of the non-Jewish races and peoples are just farm animals for the Jews to play with like this, yet at present, the controlled media is saturated with propaganda featuring the Marxist ideal of racially-mixed couples and their progeny.

Such interbreeding is no good for blacks or whites, whites need white skin to make enough vitamin D3 in this part of the world for one thing, and the intermixed darker-skinned offspring of mixed couples will surely have health problems in this pat of the world. Blacks have ten times the usual rate of schizophrenia for instance in Northerly climates due to inability to make Vitamin D3, and what to speak of the intermixed blacks themselves if they then try to live back in Africa, their lighter skin will then only offer just a fraction of the protection from the sun that they had before, both white and black races will be harmed by the Marxist madness if it is allowed to continue. There is a valid medical reason why people in Africa have only survived who have developed very dark skin, and why white people in our part of the world have only survived long term without significant health problems with very pale skin.

In truth, very little remains to be done to effect such a measure as introducing Rife technology within state hospitals, the only real obstacle is comprised of the dominant infiltrated hostile enemy Jewish members of the state administration, who willfully turn a blind eye and who deliberately obfuscate on the issue, who in real truth fully intend to keep their surreptitious NWO ‘great-culling’ agenda growing in power and measure unabatedly, which has been fully exposed by the former American statesman Jesse Ventura.

All that is required is for an actually human, humanitarian government comprised of fully-vetted and thoroughly confirmed Gentiles to be put in office to effect such authorization for our top universities and hospitals to dedicate the finest intellectual human resources towards such an end, with fully appropriate financial resources dedicated to ensure the complete success of that endeavour. And such a program can only be successful once commenced. All the ground work has already been done.

November 14, 2019

Low level lead exposure killing over 400,000 Americans a year, study reveals

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“In a recent study published in Life Sciencesresearchers found that EDTA and vitamin C together are more than twice as effective as either substance given alone.  The team noted that the combination is particularly effective in removing lead from the central nervous system.

“In a study conducted by University of California at San Francisco and published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, the researchers found a direct association between high levels of vitamin C and lower blood levels of lead.

“Adults had blood levels reduced by 68 percent with higher vitamin C intake, while children with higher vitamin C intake fared even better. Researchers found that those in the top one-third of vitamin C levels displayed an 89 percent lowered incidence of lead toxicity.”


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November 12, 2019

Erdogan Says Turkey Will Keep Deporting Daesh Fighters Regardless of Whether Countries Accept Them

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Comment by mothman777;

Of course, Turkey has always been ‘deporting’ ISIS soldiers, by allowing passage of ISIS soldiers to pass freely through their territory to gain access to the areas of the ME that they wish to invade for Israel.

Turkey has always accepted stolen oil from immense convoys of trucks stretching to the horizon driven by ISIS through to Turkey, with evidence of that validated by Putin himself with Russian satellite surveillance images.
Erdogan’s daughter has been noted to run a hospital treating wounded ISIS, or IS, or Daesh, and Israel also treats wounded ISIS, but not the people that ISIS wounds, and also actually sends Israeli commandos onto the battlefield to rescue wounded ISIS soldiers to transport them to Israeli hospitals, because ISIS are proxy soldiers for Israel, and wherever ISIS is set up to operate, invasions of that territory can then be falsely justified to ‘defeat’ the ISIS presence there.

I don’t suppose this will be part of the subject matter of the coming British election campaign, but it should be; several serving British, Israeli, US, and Turkish military officers secretly coordinating ISIS attacks, not working as mercenaries, but on the official business of their hypocritical Jewish NWO-loving murderous national governments behind all our backs, were killed during a Russian airstrike on ISIS command headquarters.

Turkey too, just like Saudi Arabia is now dishonestly claiming to be officially on board with the fake campaign to defeat ISIS, just like Trump is, when Trump’s armed forces helicopters have been regularly seen airlifting ISIS commanders and their soldiers from one strategic point to another, and dropping military supplies along the ISIS front lines, according to both Iraqi sources and according to the Iranian FARS news agency.

All these nations are under crypto-Jewish government already, under effective genocidal military dictatorships of one kind or another, whether thei Gentiles peoples can see that or not, or face up to that or not, and all the elections and almost everything the vast majority of our politicians say is a complete and utter sham, we are all being sold out. Putin stated that he knows 40 different national governments are secretly supporting ISIS/Daesh.

Where are there any decent politicians talking about this and then exposing and combatting it to take our nations back from these Jewish infiltrators who wish to literally make all Gentiles in the entire world just like farm animals to slave for them all their lives, with the Jews even openly stating in some places how they alone fully intend to run a world government over all others.

The Jews seem to do a lot of snarling and aggressive pushing to get their way in the world of politics, and this seems to be something that people do not feel comfortable about challenging in case they fall subject to being accused of being ‘anti-semitic’ in the ridiculous hysterical witch-hunt atmosphere currently being generated by the Jews to suppress any possible exposure and criticism of their highly aggressive and extremely harmful plans to take over the world and subjugate us all.

There are numerous articles elsewhere on my site fully proving the truth of what is said in my above comment regarding many heavily-infiltrated governments who are supposedly fighting ISIS/Daesh who are actually controlling and working with ISIS/Daesh or providing resources for them as they are ordered to attack territories on behalf of Israel in a manner that cannot officially be connected with Israel.

November 11, 2019

Pepsi admits its soda contains cancer-causing ingredients

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Comment by mothman777;

If you think Coca Cola might be a safer alternative, view the following on Youtube; ‘Things Coca Cola Does To Your Body’

The viral video showing Coca Cola mixed with ‘stomach acid’ apparently producing grey smoke during an exothermic reaction and a voluminous, almost firm brown foam was scientifically debunked when realistic amounts of stomach acid were mixed with Coca Cola;

But all these acidic drinks will rot your teeth severely nonetheless, and cause a whole host of other health problems, even affecting gestational length during pregnancy, and are most likely intended to do so by dint of the fact that they have not been withdrawn from sale in light of this knowledge.

Criminal collusion has already been amply demonstrated in various areas between the corrupt food, confectionary and pharmaceutical producers, the dental industry, the medical industry, and corrupt, infiltrated governments.

Such collusion not merely permits or turns a blind eye to toxic substances in their products, but actually sets out to ensure the continuing sale of products that will actually ensure ill-health in order to create additional revenue for the so-called medical industries who are then engaged to supposedly heal the damage done.

Of course, no sane or actually benevolent government does such a thing.

We can see governments functioning in such instances, who overall, are actually enemies of the peoples whose nations they have obtained control over by various, often surreptitious means in one form or another. Such governments are not only also limiting the population levels of the peoples they control by such means, but deliberately also creating life-long health problems in an actually hostile and malicious manner, literally in the manner of a conquering force that is suppressing, subjugating and intentionally causing distressing and disabling long-term illnesses within the dominated populations of the nations affected.

The following report contains the results of a large scientific study on the effects of artificially-sweetened and sugar-sweetened soft (soda) drinks on length of gestation.

‘Association between intake of artificially sweetened and sugar-sweetened beverages and preterm delivery: a large prospective cohort study’

See also;

‘Intake of artificially sweetened soft drinks and risk of preterm delivery: a prospective cohort study in 59,334 Danish pregnant women’

The above report explores the carcinogenic effects of aspartame and its methanol-producing effects that are established as causing shorter gestational lengths in primates.

Pre-term or premature births cause a substantial number of risks in terms of long-term health problems and mortality risks for the pre-term children who are born alive, and this produces huge financial costs that society then has to bear, along with the terrible suffering of those children and that of their parents and the needless additional burden to the taxpayers.

The first report does not investigate any toxic effects of Aspartame however, whilst the second does.

Both studies address the health of those babies who were actually born alive. The actual rates of stillbirth and of miscarriage in relation to consumption of caffeinated drinks for example, have been the subject of other studies.

There is substantial evidence of Aspartame having only been introduced through the criminal machinations of Donald Rumsfeld under circumstances when such a substance with well-established toxic side-effects would not legally have been approved by the FDA, with the FDA having in fact already banned it twice before due to it being known to cause brain tumours. Aspartame is a brain-damaging excitotoxin that also causes epileptic seizures and even blindness in sufficient quantities.

Only by the following means in the article below was the poison Aspartame ‘approved’ for public marketing, and quite obviously not for merely financial motives. No actually sane or benevolent and already hugely wealthy person seeks to make money like that, but an infiltrated enemy agent does. No one needs to even ‘reduce population levels’ like that, such actions were clearly those of someone who only wishes to actually hurt people very badly on a long term basis as a result of pathological hatred.

‘How Donald Rumsfeld Got Toxic Aspartame Approved’;

How Donald Rumsfeld Got Toxic Aspartame Approved

New Study – LOW DOSES 
Of Aspartame Cause CANCER

Deliberate Jewish Bolshevik-style poisoning of epileptic medication evidenced in the following report;

FDA Allows aspartame, a seizure triggering drug
to be added to anti-seizure medication!

It is a little-known fact that the Jewish-created Soviet Gulags would often give out poisoned medicines, cigarettes and confectionary to the inmates to worsen their suffering, and I have published the relevant facts establishing this elsewhere on my site.

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