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May 22, 2017

How They Do It– ‘Why Religious Zionism Is Growing Darker’

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“according to Jewish law there must always be some inferiority,” That says it all about the Jewish attitude towards all other life in this world.

The Ugly Truth

Certain people in this camp, Betzalel Smotrich among them, turn to Jewish identity and use a mythic narrative to enlist support for anti-liberal ideas

ed note–Everything taking place in the Middle East right now vis a vis Israel and her insatiable thirst for the shedding of Gentile blood and territorial expansion–was as difficult to predict as New Year’s Day falling on January 1st. Being ‘the Jewish state’ means that it is based upon ‘Jewish values’ that emanate exclusively from the Torah, which has made explicitly clear now for thousands of years how Gentiles are to be ‘dealt with’ in terms of creating the ‘Jewish state’, to wit–

‘On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abraham, saying “To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates”…–Genesis, 15:18

“The sons of those who afflicted you will come bowing to you, and all those…

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May 21, 2017

BULGARIA – Gov’t minister resigns over Nazi salute photos

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The Ugly Truth


YNET – Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Pavel Tenev, resigned Wednesday following the circulation of photos depicting the Bulgarian government official performing a Nazi salute next to a mannequin dressed as a Nazi soldier.

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ROMANIA approves financial support for Holocaust survivors

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What a bunch of dupes. There were no death camps,

Here they are playing soccer in the ‘death camps’ at 13:29

And there are plenty more videos, of Jewish women dancing in theatre productions in Auschwitz, in rehabilitation classes learning how to use sewing machines, how to grow food etc etc, preparing for deportation to Madagascar, later changed to Palestine, to which 60,000 Jews were sent, thought the rest could not continue as Allied naval hostility made any further transportation unsafe.

After WWII, well over 4 million Jews claimed compensation for having been in ‘death camps’, more Jews than had lived in all of German-occupied territory.

A real death camp, run as Jew Eisenhower ran them, would have killed all the Jews in all of German-occupied Europe in far less than 6 months at a similar rate, if that was what the Germans really intended, and given their extreme sophistication, they could have done so if that was their real intent, which it was patently not. Newspapers record that nearly one million German prisoners were starved to death in just 21 days after WWII, in nothing more complicated than fields surrounded by barbed wire, with no food or water allowed.

The Ugly Truth


YNET – BUCHAREST— Romania’s parliament has approved legislation allowing direct financial support to Holocaust survivors in the former Nazi ally state during World War Two, the architect of the law said on Friday.

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May 18, 2017

Delusions about private property and the fantasy of equality

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Jon Rappoport's Blog

Delusions about private property and the fantasy of equality

Ownership 101: a five-minute course

By Jon Rappoport

“Once private property is abolished, the advocates for utopia win. They build their heaven on earth, which means they can take what they want and run civilization, top-down. They can keep saying nobody owns anything, but in fact they own it all. They execute this squeeze play as if they were messiahs eradicating the prime evil: private ownership. This is such a preposterous stage play that, in a sane society, it would close down after one night.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Newsflash: There is a difference between an idea and the way that idea is applied in practice.

For example, certain groups will take the idea of freedom and interpret it to mean, “We have the freedom to steal everything we can.”

Based on this practice, many people will claim freedom was always…

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May 15, 2017

LAOS – Death from below in the world’s most bombed country

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This is utterly horrific, more Jew-controlled genocide of innocent people.

The Ugly Truth

Yeyang Yang, aged 31, with his daughter Syya (6) at their home in Banxang village, Phonsavan, Laos. He was burning rubbish when the heat of the fire ignited a UXO in the ground and it exploded. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

THE IRISH TIMES -A staggering 270 million bombs were dropped on Laos, during what became known as the secret war, because Americans were unaware of what was going on. The 80 million bombs that never went off remain live, buried all over the country. There were more than 580,000 bombing missions on Laos between 1964 and 1973. That’s one every eight minutes, every day, for nine years. CONTINUE READING

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GERMANY – Berliners take to the streets to celebrate Israel

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‘JEW German politician calls Germans Nazis and says they must die!’

I pity these poor brainwashed and brain-dead Germans who are now made to suicide like this.

The Ugly Truth

I-24 NEWS – While politicians clash, Berliners took to the streets on Friday to show that the German-Israeli bond is stronger than ever. 25 German-Israeli organizations belatedly marked Israel’s Independence Day with a street festival at the heart of touristic West Berlin.

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May 6, 2017

How They Do It– ‘Judaism is not racism’

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The Ugly Truth

ed note–intrinsic to understanding Judaism’s ability to survive as a hostile organism in the body politic requires keeping in mind the one phrase that the Jewish state chose as the motto of its agency Mossad, tasked with the very Judaic business of assassinations, blackmail, murder, subterfuge, and sabotage– ‘by way of deception, we shall make war’.

It is not only in making war on the gentile mind, sowing confusion and consternation through the deliberate use of deception whereby Judaism protects itself, but equally (or perhaps more so) on the Jewish mind, since without the mental/spiritual bondage of the Jewish people, Judaism would die out instantaneously and would never return. A parasite can only exist within a living host and therefore one of the mechanisms by which its survival is achieved is by masking its inherently evil and toxic nature, painting itself instead as benign and thus preventing the mind from rejecting it…

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Dozens of Ashkenazi Babies Mysteriously Disappeared During Israel’s Early Years

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The Ugly Truth


An Haaretz investigation based on the testimony of Holocaust survivors and their families reveals that Ashkenazi children disappeared in a similar manner to the abducted Yemenite children.

ed note–as we say here often on this website, the key to understanding Jewish history resides in understanding Jewish behavior, and the key to understanding Jewish behavior lies in understanding the abusive, corrosive, and highly dysfunctional spiritual/psychological energy that animates and electrifies Jewish thinking which can basically be summed up in just a few items–unbridled narcissism rooted in a ‘chosen’ status above other peoples coupled with an A-to-Z proforma of trauma-based mind control methods.

If everything in this piece if factually accurate, and it is safe to assume it is, what it underscores is the process by which the leaders within the Judaic community engage in a process of constant mental conditioning of those under their sway as a means of fashioning them into Zion’s…

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‘$5,000 a Head’: Yemenite Babies Who Disappeared in 1950s Israel Were Sold to U.S. Jews

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The Ugly Truth


HAARETZ – In 1994, a few dozen armed Yemenite Jews barricaded themselves in a home in the central Israel city of Yehud. They would not leave, they warned, until an official investigation was launched into allegations that Yemenite children had been systematically abducted and handed over to Ashkenazi families – sometimes in exchange for money – in the early years of the state. Their leader was a radical rabbi named Uzi Meshulam, who threatened bloodshed. The standoff lasted seven weeks, and Meshulam ended up serving nearly six years in prison.

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May 5, 2017

Israeli Propagandists Threaten Destruction of Europe as Punishment for Boycotting Israel

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Source: Israeli Propagandists Threaten Destruction of Europe as Punishment for Boycotting Israel

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