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January 18, 2021

American forces loot Syrian wheat again| Yemen Press Agency

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Piazza della Carina

SANAA, Jan. 17 (YPA) – The US forces got out on Sunday a convoy of its military vehicles loaded with grains stolen from the Syrian lands into northern Iraq through illegal Al-Walid crossing in the countryside of Hasaka, according to Syrian media outlets.

The Syrian news agency “SANA” quoted local Syrian sources as saying that “the American forces continue to steal Syrian wealth and agricultural crops within the areas they occupy in the Syrian areas, where 20 trucks carrying grains stolen from the silos and warehouses in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia-held areas.”

The sources pointed out that US armored vehicles were accompanying the convoy, amid an intense air cover of the occupation air forces.


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The WHO Complicit in Yemen Genocide

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This of course is the same malevolent Tribally-controlled WHO that constantly issues misinformation and misdirection over the artificially manufactured NWO COVID-19 extermination program.

Piazza della Carina

Yemen: The Ministry of Public Health and Population has warned of the consequences of the World Health Organization’s decision to stop subsidizing oil derivatives to health facilities, indicating that it will reconsider its partnership with the organization that abdicated its responsibility in light of crises.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Najeeb Al-Qubati, in a statement explained that this irresponsible decision will lead to stopping the services of 141 health facilities, indicating the unfortunate weakness of the organization in saving the lives of patients.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health said: The inability of the United Nations to bring oil derivatives during the aggression and blockade that has lasted for six years is a failure to fulfill basic obligations guaranteed by international humanitarian law.

He stressed that the organization’s decision coinciding with the continued detention of oil derivative ships by the coalition of aggression, raises questions…

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January 17, 2021

Rife Technology Will Become Ineffective Due To Permanent Biological Changes Caused By COVID-19 Bioweapon Technology – URGENT ACTION VITAL

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By mothman777;


Either the human race stands together and demands that their governments research and release the valid Rife technology as the total cure for Cancer and all pathogenic diseases to replace current chemotherapy, X-Ray radiotherapy, vaccinations and antibiotics, especially this latest weapon, the mRNA vaccine for COVID-19, or we are all done, finished, the NWO racist Jews behind this COVID-19 nonsense will have succeeded in sterilizing, killing or gravely sickening all those tbey consider their enemies who their scriptures tell them are all to be exterminated, that being ALL Gentiles in the entire world.

If the Rife technology is not revived and developed further by public demand to our governments, that will be the end of that, and of us, as the effect of the mRNA of totally artificial origin in vaccines and will be completely irreversible and permanent, a lethal genocidal program that will ultimately be certain in its results by producing sterility, cancer, organ dysfunction, spontaneous abortions, etc. etc. The Jews have very carefully prepared to rain down bloody hell on us.

This is it right now, this is really happening, there will not be another chance, if people sit wondering with their mouths open and do nothing, they will not be producing any more generations in their family lines, that is for certain.

COVID-19 and the supposed vital unavoidable necessity to use the novel mRNA vaccines to treat that are a Jewish plot to take down the world.

Here’s Why Israelis are Rushing to Get Vaccinated Despite Previous Hesitation – Comment

Dr. Wakefield warns ”This is not a Vax, it is irreversible genetic modification”

The Biggest Conspiracy Behind COVID-19 Now Proven – Comment

“If they [the Jews] could kill us all, they would gladly do so, aye, and often do it, especially those who profess to be PHYSICIANS. They know all that is known about medicine in Germany; They can give poison to a man of which he will die in an hour, or in ten or twenty years; they thoroughly understand this art.” – Martin Luther


The above is not from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, though this is deceptively asserted as simply being fraud by the Jewish author Soyer, but the Jews cannot always get away with this ploy with which they always allege fraud whenever their plans are exposed, and cannot deny what is in their own scriptures that intends slavery, total extermination and ultimately, eternal hell for all Gentiles in the entire world.


COVID-19 vaccines contain animal virus material intended to genetically modify the human body to produce pathogens to keep itself sick. Cytokine storms will be produced when the body over-reacts to disease as we have seen in video recordings of people so afflicted, that will lead to convulsions, and also dangerous thrombosis, autoimmune disease, like MS, cancer and eventual mass sterility in a huge percentage of the population.

The animal viruses in animal genetic material in the COVID vaccines will also produce the ‘next waves of COVID variants’ that will then be used to falsely justify people being told to take yet more toxic vaccinations, if they survive that long of course.

Another terrible truth that must be addressed and acted on right now by any sane members of any government in the world today, is that such genetic modification of the human body will be irreversible, making even the Raymond Royal Rife technology largely useless unless all novel vaccinations for COVID-19 are avoided and the Rife technology reintroduced in the very near future to completely eradicate COVID-19, or whatever it really is, even if, as some some say, it is just ordinary flu combined with the effects of wearing masks making us more disease prone, lack of exercise and fresh air, and lung damage from ventilators. It is extremely sinister that the government NHS refused to use hyperbaric chambers on COVID-19 patients, so as to keep people absolutely terrified of COVID-19 and the supposed terrible consequences, with such high death rates on ventilators, when far fewer deaths would have occurred if hyperbaric chambers were to have been used instead, demonstrating a very transparent and deliberately malevolent strategy by the Jewish-controlled government to drive everyone into their clutches by effectively forcing them into accepting the biowarfare novel vaccines.

The Rife technology should be reintroduced right now, widespread public action is vital to ensure that this happens. This is THE ONLY REAL ALTERNATIVE to the soon-to-come forced vaccination scenario, which the governments will enforce effectively by one means or another, even if by banning car travel out of your local area without a COVID-19 passport. Whether or not COVID-19 actually exists or not is not even relevant here, what is relevant is that something is making people sick, even if it is rebranded already ongoing types of disease, so if we have the Rife treatment re-introduced, then no vaccines will be necessary at all ever again for any type of disease whatsoever, and the NWO governments will never again be able to use this kind of weapon against us.

The Sabbatean Jewish NWO are stealing yet another march on the Gentiles. Former American Medical Association head Morris Fishbein and crypto-communist POTUS Roosevelt, both crypto-Jews, cruelly made sure that the ball game of cancer treatment and treatment against pathogenic diseases became restricted to the barbaric and torturous pseudo-treatments of chemotherapy, X-Ray radiotherapy, surgical mutilation, toxic and damaging vaccinations and antibiotics, doing that by the heinous Jewish terrorist act of banning the Raymond Royal Rife Beam Machine and Rife Microscope technology in 1939.

That Rife technology would otherwise now be healing all cancer, as well as all fungal, bacterial, viral and amoebal diseases harmlessly and non-invasively without damaging any healthy body tissue and without harming any of the body’s own immune system or friendly bacteria in every nation throughout the entire world.

Hundreds of millions around the world have died already from cancer in the most horrific pain and suffering due to the Jews murderously and genocidally having banned the Rife technology, and literally thousands of millions more Gentiles will surely die as long as that technology remains hidden from the Gentiles.

The Jews have thought of everything by strongly discouraging any further research into that type of technology by any government health service, and by ramping up all kinds of factors that cause cancer and other diseases, especially with these weaponized fake COVID-19 vaccines. The Jews are demonstrably behind the COVID-19 bioweapon and are even now removing the possibility of Rife technology ever again being effectively introduced by so altering the human organism that even if the Rife technology should by any chance ever be reintroduced, it will then largely be of no use whatsoever, as permanent genetic mutilation of the Gentile human organism will then have taken place making the human body constantly produce disease that the Rife technology will not be able to treat because the disease-causing mechanism will be permanent and constant.

Even if any government in the future chooses to revive this benevolent Rife technology, this malevolent move by the Jews in advance will negate almost every possible beneficial effect that any reintroduced Rife technology could possibly ever have.

Nor will current homeopathic remedies to treat the toxic effects of current vaccines be of any benefit in this new situation with the novel mRNA vaccines when our bodies themselves are modified to produce disease constantly.

The Rife technology is still malevolently being repressed by governments around the world, when research to bring that technology back into use would provide the total cure for all these diseases, but that of course would remove the excuse that the Jewish NWO thugs need to maintain the current weaponized vaccine program that they intend to use on us all for many evil purposes, and if they cured cancer with the Rife technology now, they would lose their current excuse to make huge amounts of money fraudulently from chemotherapy drugs and they would lose their excuse to slowly and sadistically burn and torture people with chemotherapy and X-Ray radiotherapy. The Rife therapy is totally painless in comparison.

If medical consultants of any true worth who are actually sincere medical workers had ever been chosen or consulted by the governments of the world, they would surely have provided their governments with the information that the Rife technology is THE way forward to address the continuing issue of almost all disease.

Microwave technology was developed by the Germans after 1936 that could kill all forms of vermin in the human body also has also been suppressed, so parasitic worms and parasitic insect infestations could also become a thing of the past in humans, livestock and pets, and all such diseases could progressively be entirely wiped out throughout the entire world by such means if that technology were to be redeveloped, this would be an extremely valuable method, as there are some parasitical worms that are at present completely incurable for which no effective drug treatments presently exist.

One third of the entire human population of the planet is infected with debilitating and often fatal parasitic worm infestations at any one time, this situation is a living nightmare that simply cannot be allowed to go on, yet we see the criminally insane infiltrated Sabbatean Jews in the most powerful governments around the world hell-bent on slow torture and destruction of all other life on this planet who are building more and more powerful nuclear weapons, some of which can destroy a nation as big as France with just one missile, a claim that Russia has made about their own missile capability.

The cobalt nuclear bomb invented and patented by the Jewish scientist Leo Szilard in 1950 (who also designed and patented the first atom bomb technology in 1934 in London, England) is capable, he stated, of permanently exterminating all forms of life on this entire planet if just 400 such devices are detonated around the world, and such doomsday cobalt nuclear weaponry is already stated by Janes military intelligence resources as being deployed on the latest Russian (Jewish) Kanyon intercontinental drone submarine and Tsirkon hypersonic missile with a maximum speed of Mach 9.

But what does the mindlessly and pointlessly sadistic anti-spiritual Jew do? They of course have long-known the clear potential for all this and have insanely, as always, decided to do the total reverse of mitigating suffering and of ameliorating general circumstances by their timeless warlike endeavour to drag the non-Jewish world down into the most hellish quagmire and to hold it there permanently to prevent the Rife technology ever again being able to correct any deficit in human or in any non-human species of life.

We see genetic damage already occurring in animal livestock where goats fed GMO soya subsequently give birth to generations of smaller goats who require 50% more spent on them in veterinary fees due to ill-effects of GMO feed combined with glyphosate, which is another deadly weapon, that in itself drastically reduces nutrient content and bioavailability of any foods grown using it as well as causing cancer and other diseases.

What the crafty Jews are doing now is stealing yet another march by so altering the human genome with the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, Moderna mRNA vaccine and so on, that are very strangely only just now all being seen to be necessary to develop for this artificially-produced circumstance of COVID-19, and how weird is that for a start, very suspicious indeed, our own Gentile DNA will become permanently and irreversibly altered to become a chemical factory pumping out chemicals in the body that will constantly excite an unnecessary overreaction in our immune systems leading to cytokine storms and produce all kinds of illness and even death in many cases, also sterility, as has already been clearly established as occurring in farm animals fed on GMO foods that contain factors which alter the mRNA permanently in their gut, which then enters our bodies when we eat produce from them to become established in our bodies too.

An additional factor that further exacerbates the state of chaos in the bodies of the animals has been established as glyphosate, which is sprayed onto animal fodder crops, the combined toxic effect with the GM mRNA resulting in the deaths for instance, of one in ten milk cows of a certain age every year when milk cows of that age are normally healthy and do not die at that age, such instances being reported where cows that were not dying previously began to die at the rate of 10% a year when fed GMO crops sprayed with glyphosate, which is also extremely carcinogenic, a further effect was a partial loss of fertility in cows and pigs and loss of newborn piglets in those fed GMO soya.

Whilst the death rates reversed in these animals when the GMO fodder that had been sprayed with glyphosate was withdrawn and replaced with normal non-GMO crops that were not sprayed with glyphosate, due to the very low age of animals before they are slaughtered, we cannot know how human beings will fare if they are continually fed crops sprayed with glyphosate over our much longer relative lifespans.

One thing is that we are already fed food that contains foreign and artificial mRNA material of GMO origin, transmitted in meat, eggs and dairy produce from livestock fed on such things.

We ourselves also are now already continually being fed glyphosate-contaminated crops needlessly by another hideous NWO arrangement. This is so because basalt rock dust mixed into arable soil has been demonstrated repeatedly to produce 2 to 8 times more weight in crops per square metre with those crops also being several times more nutritious than GMO crops.

Even some non-GMO crops are sprayed with glyphosate just before harvesting, as farmers find this convenient as a desiccant which makes the crops less likely to become moldy after harvesting, and the stalks and ears are more easy for the combine harvesters to gather, but glyphosate prevents mineral uptake from the soil by crop plants and also restricts mineral absorption in the gut.

Not only are we consuming GMO soya mixed into most breads these days that is contaminated with glyphosate, that causes breast cancer in parts per trillion, even non-GMO grain crops are also now sprayed with glyphosate.

This new technology within the mRNA vaccine does not truly qualify as a vaccine, rather, it is actually a medical device that continually manufactures a synthetic pathogen, and it will do this for the rest of our lives if we take it, and this is what will make us continually sick and is thoroughly intended to do so, the thing is, even if the governments of the world were to be replaced with benevolent administrations, and they all got together to work on redeveloping Rife technology using all the top universities and medical research establishments after people have taken the mRNA vaccines which will already have caused serious permanent damage by then, no Rife machine will then ever afterwards be able to stop this pathogen being present in your body, because the body has now been permanently and irreversibly altered to continue to produce that pathogen, and that will be the end of that, and of us, as that will be completely irreversible, a lethal genocidal program that will ultimately be certain in its results by producing sterility, cancer, organ dysfunction, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, spontaneous abortions, and other diseases.

The Jews have very carefully prepared to rain down bloody hell on us, to make us sick permanently.

See this video and listen to these doctors explain the medical side of this;

See, the Jews are really crafty, they figured that people just might eventually get together and get their governments to bring out a Rife machine to end cancer and any types of pathogenically-caused disease, so they made this mRNA vaccine to put a complete end to any possibility of that Rife technology ever being able to work any longer.

The thing is, after the mRNA vaccine, now that the body is continually putting out a pathogen that can lead to all kinds of autoimmune diseases and other illnesses, that Rife technology will not be able to do much good at all, because the DNA of all those who now allow themselves be vaccinated will have been permanently altered to continually produce disease, but the lying controlled governments are continually telling everyone that no change to our DNA or mRNA is possible from the mRNA vaccines.

Of interest is that the Hasidic Chabad Lubavitcher Jewish Doctor Zelenko who said he was just a simple country doctor who catered to New York’s Hasidic Jewish community stated that he ‘just kinda thunk it up’ when asked how he developed a method of curing 100% of his Jewish COVID-19 patients.

And of course when he did that, at the same time he naturally accomplished what PhD scientists around the entire world still say they have not yet been able to accomplish, how to diagnose a COVID-19 infection and do that in such a manner as to ascertain exactly when the infection began, yet not a single PhD scientist in the entire world thought to ask Dr Zelenko how he did that, which is VERY STRANGE INDEED, LIKE IT IS ALL A FRAUD, as without that knowledge, his cure does not work with a 100% success rate, so ALL of his patients received treatment within the first two weeks of being infected with COVID-19, which he could apparently diagnose when such a simple country doctor would not have been able to do any genetic analysis to establish whether or not COVID-19 was present in any case, especially when the genomic sequence which he would have needed to do that was allegedly, and I say allegedly, only released by the Chinese government on January 11 2020.

In reality, if it exists, COVID-19 was created in NWO biowarfare labs ultimately under Israeli control, and those military bioweapons laboratories must have been practicing on scores of trial groups with different viruses and different methods of treatments until they arrived at that perfect result, before then telling everyone. Dr Yuri Shepherd, an ex-Russian biowarfare expert research scientist who has actually worked on mRNA vaccines and weaponry based around that has stated that they were working on this kind of thing in Russian laboratories even 15 years ago, though he did not mention that he had been working on COVID-19 himself. I do not think therefore that Dr Zelenko really just ‘kindathunk’ his cure up.

I very much suspect that this whole thing with Dr Zelenko and the purported rejection of his cure is another sham designed to put all the Gentiles off seeking the Zelenko treatment, leaving the Jews to take that treatment safely and everyone else thinking they are fools for doing so.

And then of course, we have the latest Israeli success story, that just ‘by chance’ YET AGAIN, VERY SUSPICIOUSLY, the Israelis say just they happened to have been working on an mRNA vaccine for coronavirus for years already as part of a ‘hypothetical excercise’, of course with no connection to any likely real scenario, and whaddya know, these other simple country hicks in Israel ‘just kinda thunk up’ an mRNA vaccine for COVID-19, the heck they did, and one thing is for certain, no smart Jew is going to be so foolish as to actually take that poison except in made-up newspaper stories, as that is pure poison meant only for the goyim, as confirmed by Schlomo here;

‘Corona Virus Is For The Goyim’ “The benevolent father only does only good things to his children. A father guards and protects his children. This corona is for the non-Jews, … it’s not for the Jews.”

The 5G technology will enhance the effect and is capable of activating this mRNA technology in these ‘novel’ COVID-19 vaccines too, according to what PhD doctors who oppose the COVID-19 vaccination programs say, so if they don’t want you going out on the streets for any reason, just try it, and soon a ramped-up 5G activation beam will be directed right at you and you will come home coughing your guts up or whatever, and you WILL learn, not to do that again, just like by someone sticking an electric cattle prod in you. You will learn, they will ‘teach’, unless you stop them.

The sad thing is, most people still cannot get it into their heads that a SPECTRE-like group of death cult Sabbatean Jews is rapidly taking over the entire planet with the sole aim of not only fully enslaving all of Gentile humanity (this has actually been accomplished, except for a label stuck on it to say so), but then later exterminating all of Gentile humanity, and now, we have sadly come to the latter part of the Jewish plan, where just a few hundred million Gentiles will be allowed to live on, but only just for a little while longer before their total extermination by the Jews.

With American DARPA robotization of industry, also viewing other examples like the entirely automatic car factories in Japan that have already been operating for a good number of years now, and humanlike AI, what will Jews need Gentiles as slaves for any more with DARPA AI humanoid robots being statedly only 20 years away or so, the Jews know they can now just get rid of the vast majority of them now and very easily through this weaponized mass suicide by vaccine program, and what a laugh for the Jews, how stupid the goyim were they intend to say to each other afterwards.

Using the vaccines, they figure they won’t have to damage any real estate with artillery, bombs and nukes that the goyim have been building up (for them to steal) all these years like ants while the Jews sit and watch them do all the work.

The nuclear weapons and bombs of the NWO one world army intended to be run from Jerusalem will be held back to threaten the entire world with in the instance that any nation decides to back out, and if it persists, then it will be obliterated by nuclear force as a warning to all the rest not to try to leave the NWO one world government.

The Gentiles are merely being trained to kill each other during this arranged cold war, intendedly to be ultimately replaced by an army of DARPA humanoid robots. Those remotely controlled or self-exploding helmets they have in China are a real indication of this. What the mind-controlling AI electronic programs beamed into soldiers heads as developed by Sephardic Jew Delgado cannot fully accomplish in certain instances, those helmets will, being a significant advance on the NKVD destruction squads that the Jewish communists used on any hapless Russian soldiers in WWII if they ever tried to retreat or failed to advance towards the German lines, machine guns behind the Russian lines would just mow them all down. THAT is how the Jew controls the Gentiles to kill each other for them.

And of course, Stalin had 30,000 Gentile Russian army officers all executed and replaced with ‘the right stuff’, Jewish army officers of course, just like the ‘university professors’ we see at leading universities today whose only qualification is to be a hate-filled Jew or hate-filled shabbos goy Negro openly stating that the white race is to be made nonexistent.


A) They need to refuse all COVID-19 vaccines

B) Gentiles need to form their own governments, fully recognize and publicize the genocidally murderous intention of the Jewish crime cult in all MSM outlets and educational facilities, and bar Jews from government and all other positions of influence and authority, then quarantine all the Jews, including those millions of crypto-Jews, especially the Sabbatean Jews, who purposely faked conversion from Judaism into other religions in vast numbers, pretending to be Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, Daoists and so on, and then the Gentile peoples of the world need to initiate Rife research programs and run the Rife technology in all medical facilities to replace all current chemotherapy, X Ray radiotherapy, antibiotics and vaccines. This would not take 5 minutes with the right decision making, the latest computers can work everything out in next to no time, as the original Rife technology is most surely already secretly being used for the benefit of the elite to keep them invulnerable to disease.

C) If they don’t do this, they will exit the gene pool full stop. PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP NOW, THIS IS INTENDED BY THE JEWS AS A WAR OF PHYSICAL ANNIHILATION AGAINST ALL THE GENTILES JUST AS INTENDED BY MARX AND THE JEWISH RELIGION AS OPENLY STATED BY THEM BOTH IN ABSOLUTELY CLEAR AND UNAMBIGUOUS LANGUAGE. People can either face up to that, or simply suicide by accepting Jewish instruction to suicide by vaccination and further painful submission to Jewish political control, so the choice that people must make is to be strong and choose the survival of their race, as the Jew is intent on making our lives so miserable that we will be willing to give up any chance for the continuation of the existence of our own race.

But think about this, the Jews themselves certainly seem very keen on living on this planet and they are going to extraordinary lengths to do so, so there must be some good reason to live on this planet, but they want us to lose all sense of that so that we will simply give up the ghost very easily at the slightest prompting after much punishment and degradation from them.

January 16, 2021

The unsolved murder of a boy, 4, whose remains were found in the River Thames – Comment

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Comment by mothman777;

One can read MSM reports of African ‘bush meat’ that has been sneaked in past British customs officers being sold on open market stalls in various English cities to be consumed by customers of African Negro origin who consider chimpanzee meat a delicacy, particularly at wedding celebrations in England.

Negros are stated by the police here to be also ritually sacrificing other Negros in London and even consuming their body parts, and this case in particular surely required cooperation between several perpetrators.

The torso of this young Negro boy was found with his head, arms and legs cut off, floating in the Thames River. Whilst the police think the remains of this boy were used to make magic healing potions, this was surely done in the most revolting and parasitic manner to violently steal life force from one Negro person to feed the depraved needs of others, not the sort of ‘cultural enrichment’ that we need at all.

An African Negro security officer working in London told someone I know that he knows of not only black people, but also of white people being kidnapped in London to be killed and eaten, and some of the victims are surely being used for this purpose of making voodoo potions as well. Many persons are registered in the UK each year as missing persons who are never seen again.

“Detective Superintendent Adrian Maybanks at the time said the child died a very violent death, as the post-mortem confirmed.

“Adam had been poisoned with his throat slit open to drain the blood from his body, with meticulous and professional mutilation of his head, arms and legs.

“Further tests on his stomach contents and mineral traces established that Adam had recently arrived in the UK, most probably from a Nigerian region.

“Most shockingly, the Metropolitan Police linked this murder with a ritual sacrifice traditional to voodoo practices of Africa where Sangomas (witch-doctors) would use a child’s body parts to make healing potions.”

Dr. Judy Mikovits: “Nobody Is Sick From COVID-19… It’s All Being Faked”…! (Video) – Commentαπάτη-κορονοϊού-covid-19-hoax-δρ-τζούντυ-μάιικο/

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Comment by mothman777;

Excellent video, well worth listening to from beginning to end, except for very brief sad Bible pushing at around 59 minutes, how sad that even these people with otherwise excellent mental faculties cannot realize that the Jews created the Christian religion as a spiritual death trap for them, part of their minds is clearly still not awake and not as yet able to understand the actual nature of the clearly poisonous teachings of the fictional Rabbi Yeshua, they still have some way to go before they can really break free spiritually.

Quadruple-stranded DNA seen in healthy human cells for the first time — Comment

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Comment by mothman777;

Perhaps the scientists need to stop and think before they carry on messing around with DNA, as how can they have been playing with it safely at all when they could not even see at least half of it beforehand up to now?

How can they possibly know what damage they may have done to these other two strands already before they discovered them?

COVID Vaccine – a cure worse than the disease – Part 29

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What They Said About Lockdowns Before 2020

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January 15, 2021

Dr David Martin Explains Covid Vaccines are not Vaccines but are Medical Devices

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January 14, 2021


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