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January 21, 2020

The Kalergi Plan & The Cultural Suicide of Germany: Almost 50% of Newborns are NOT GERMAN

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The Kalergi Plan & The Cultural Suicide of Germany: Almost 50% of Newborns are NOT GERMAN

January 19, 2020

How traditional Chinese acupuncture with an electric twist could help fight cancer

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Comment by mothman777;

This technique, developed by genuinely sincere medical researchers, could provide safe, low-cost cancer treatment that works on solid tumours, but may not be valid for non-solid tumours such as lung or liver cancers.

The method used 3V electricity applied to both brain and breast tumours in mice delivered through acupuncture needles, one positively charged and one negatively charged, and the method itself involved no surgery, chemotherapy or X-Rays, and brain tumours were reduced to 0.38% of their size in just 8 weeks with tests on breast tumours producing similar results.

The mice were only given a twice-daily, 10-minute dose of 3V electricity over three consecutive days to achieve this dramatic result.

Just sixteen days after the 3-day period of treatment had started, the tumours, which were originally around the size of a bean, had shrunk to just 0.38 per cent of their original size – scarcely visible to the naked eye.

Wonderful results after just 60 minutes total treatment, using a method that used in humans or in a veterinary clinic to treat cancer tumours in pets and livestock would not cause the slightest injury to any part of the body.

Humans would not even require any general anaesthetic for this procedure, and likely not even any local anaesthesia in most cases, avoiding brain injury from anaesthesia and avoiding damage to airways by breathing tubes, also avoiding the possibility of post-surgical pneumonia and sepsis which are a massive problem in hospitals.

As usual though, we most likely won’t be seeing this treatment being made available by the present British NHS, or in the US, not for at least 10 years anyway, most likely not ever at all, for very obvious reasons, but again, I would love them to prove me wrong on this.

January 18, 2020

Who Targeted Ukraine Airlines Flight 752? Iran Shot It Down But There May Be More to the Story

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The Surprising Condition That Causes 1 in 5 Deaths

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Comment by mothman777;

Below, we see how a protocol advanced by Dr Marik has been demonstrated to reduce the rate of deaths from sepsis to about one fifth of the current levels which occur with still-used conventional methods of treatment of sepsis.

I mentioned this protocol as a remedial suggestion to NHS staff fairly recently on a hospital surgical ward where a high number of cases of sepsis had been recorded last year in 2019 and I got totally ignored and actually treated very unpleasantly by the vast majority of staff, in fact quite appallingly by those involved, in a blatantly very hostile manner, and I mentioned this protocol to them in the most civil, kindly and friendly manner.

The truly sad thing is that the NHS staff involved see any attempt to provide helpful suggestions as insulting to their professional skill and integrity, and they then literally get very snotty and actually angry in their pig-headed arrogance, as they often see you just as a piece of ham to be carved up, and of course, we won’t be seeing this protocol being introduced mainstream into NHS hospitals in the UK any time soon. Those really in charge would see the introduction of any such actual life-saving protocol as being much too good for the goyim and entirely inappropriate for them.

The extreme likelihood is that in any instance of this protocol ever actually being supposedly considered by the British NHS, extensive peer-reviewed double-blind test studies that look very impressive will be deliberately made to fail so that they do not replicate the good results obtained by Dr Marik.

The inevitable conclusion would then be provided that the results showed that the protocol is ineffective and therefore that the NHS will not be adopting the protocol. Let us wait and see, and I very sincerely hope that the NHS will prove me wrong on this.

Such hostile tactics have been employed before, such as with the infamous case of the testing of Laetrile, or Vitamin B17 in America, when the researcher Dr. Dean Burk, who was a biochemist with a Ph.D. from Cornell Medical College who had joined the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in 1939 as a research fellow, did an experiment in which Laetrile was used to kill a tissue culture of cancer cells. He reported that he could “see the cancer cells dying off like flies.”

Dr Burk was later sitting in an audience amongst news media reporters to listen to what he thought would be the results of his own research being read out by a representative, but as Dr Burk sat and listened, he was alarmed to hear that his own research had demonstrated that B17 was entirely ineffective in killing cancer cells. He then spoke from within the audience to protest that his research results had actually proved the exact opposite, and the news reporters asked him to confirm that he himself had found how B17 actually kills cancer cells, and if he would testify to that, and he said he would.

One of the sons of Max Factor, 68-year-old Don Factor, son of cosmetics tycoon Max Factor, discovered he had one of the most aggressive forms of cancer, he pursued unorthodox methods to beat it. He’s still here, 17 years after being told he had six months to live. He had terminal stage throat cancer, and he used a variety of preparations of Vitamin B17 and was completely cured of that cancer, which at that stage had been assumed by conventional allopathic oncologists to have around 100% mortality rate. The following report was written on the 15 April 2003;

‘Sepsis is a top cause of death in hospitals’

“…Marik’s protocol relies on the synergistic effect of hydrocortisone, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and thiamine (HAT) for the treatment of severe sepsis and septic shock.

“In his initial retrospective study of patients treated in his hospital, they found that those treated with the protocol suffered an 8.5% mortality rate as compared to 40.4% in the control group.”

An actually humane government run by Gentile people chosen from our own people, with the necessary qualities of empathy, kindliness and intelligence would have this protocol being used in NHS hospitals with almost immediate effect.

January 17, 2020

Knife and other weapons crimes on the rise in England and Wales — government vows action

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Comment by mothman777;

It is not knives that need binning, but those who misuse them in wanton acts of pointless savagery. If knives are ‘binned’, so what? Metal biros, sharp-handled steel combs, you name it, anything that can be used to stick in somebody, or be used to bash someone over the head with will then become the next must-have fashion accessory. 

Savvy drug dealers, learning well from the police, already hold tazers now while they make their deals. And with today’s British military in Helmand Province very obviously maintaining ever-increasing heroin production in continuation of the corrupt Queen Victoria’s Opium Wars and drug addiction that was foisted on the Chinese that cost the lives of 13 million Chinese, exactly what role model can the young of today look up to?

All they see are highly professional gangsters in soldier’s uniforms robbing oil fields, mass-murdering millions of totally innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere when the armed forces of Western coalition force nations should really be attacking Israel and Saudi Arabia for 9/11, and ousting the corrupt factions of infiltrated Israeli agents within their own Western governments who willfully go along with the Israeli program for world domination, particularly the vile 80% Friends of Israel mob, and I mean mob in the major UK political parties, when they know Israel threatens world destruction with the illegally-held Samson Option nuclear weapons stockpile, knowingly selling our entire people out to those terrorist thugs in Israel, and running heroin around the world, with armed police on the streets of the UK to back that corrupt system up, some knowingly.

As long as the attitude exists, almost any object at all can be weaponized if someone chooses to make it a weapon. The real problem is massively exacerbated by the chaotic deliberate mixing of totally incompatible races and cultures and religions causing a total societal breakdown, which is exactly what is chosen and intended to happen by the chosenites in charge.

Rabbis have actually been recorded as having stated that this racial intermixing and the encouragement of miscegenation is ‘revenge’ by the Jews on the peoples of Europe, with all white people intended to be bred out of existence (Jewish Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev, erstwhile French PM Sarkozy), the process being essentially complete by missing of populations in just one generation, with the total mixing out of the white genome into non-existence by physical interbreeding, the white people being stated by the Jews as the being ‘the greatest enemy of the Jews’ intended to be more or less totally completed within 3 generations time from now. Take it or leave it, that is what they say.

‘We are all the same’ already means to many people on the street that white people must exist no longer, and that is very sadly already acceptable to them, they have surely been deeply hypnotized into suicidal ways of thinking.

If it is really true that ‘we are all the same’, then why the need to interbreed? Several hundred million from Africa and the ME are presently officially scheduled by the UN for mass immigration into America and Europe by 2025, 150 million into Europe alone by 2025, the rest elsewhere, but NOT into Israel, where Jews have to pass a genetic test to prove they are Jews before gaining Israeli citizenship or being allowed to marry there.

David Duke has all the information on his site all about those Israeli laws, that the Jewish-controlled media companies in Europe and America and the rest of the Jewish-controlled Western nations would rather you never even heard about, whilst they encourage your blonde-haired Caucasian Gentile daughter to marry a black African Negro man with an average IQ of 60, with 72 in Kenya being the highest average IQ of any nation in Africa. When all the resulting children are born racially mixed and dumbed-down, then the Jews have won. 

Most of the knife crime in Western nations is committed by Negros, this is a statistic that is almost never covered. Deportation is the answer for them, with the death penalty for those who stab others to death in the pursuance of criminal gain or rape. 

When I see mixed-race couples on the streets, nearly all of them of consist of an African origin Negro male, and a blonde-haired Caucasian woman, because that is the strategy they have actually been instructed to follow in the Jewish-controlled media propaganda, always a blonde woman and a black man, with pamphlets literally depicting that specific union being given out in Norway or Sweden to advise the black men how to attract a white woman to have sex with.

This so-called democratic system is not valid, it is a complete deception and a complete fraud that should be exposed for what it actually is, then dismissed and replaced. 

There is no real democracy, teams of highly specialized psychologist mind-programmers are instructed all the time by the real deep state government to devise programs through which to literally mass hypnotize and compel the fluoride and television dumbed-down public into acquiescing to and actually supporting any policy the real controllers desire.

Democracy in the UK is not actually meant to benefit the people, but to repress them in all ways, and in as harmful a manner as those in power can get away with without being sussed out and thrown out of the country (again), we are under an effective Jewish Israeli occupation government, and Jews literally hate the Gentiles, it says so in their scriptures, so what can we actually expect of a Jewish-controlled government obsessed by loyalty to Israel? Really? Have a good think about that. 

See ‘Jewish Talmudic Quotes – Facts Are Facts’
From Acharya S7-26-9

Why put fluoride in water still in some parts of the UK, or put fluoride in toothpaste, when fluoride is known to damage the brains of even unborn children, and is known to be a compound that causes more cancer than any other substance known, and to cause cancer faster than any other compound known?

Toxic fluoride compound-coated Teflon non-stick cookware also contaminates us, and some forms of psychiatric medication given to many has a large amount of fluoride in it, around 50% in some cases, for very very obviously malevolent reasons. The swine who maintain that decision to keep fluoride in toothpaste for instance really are some dementedly malicious sick types who really ought to be put away somewhere to stop them harming anyone else. 

Almost all that really needs to be done to preserve teeth is to discourage the use of white sugar in children’s confectionary, it would actually be better to ban toxic white sugar altogether and replace it with healthier alternatives like fruit juice concentrates or raw honey, or even naturally sweet cream or condensed milk-based confectionary. 

Today’s plastic democratic system permits only total chaos, a very deliberate chaos with a deliberately maintained fake excuse, that is purposely maintained to undermine and destroy our Gentile people.

I have actually met and spoken with a former government psychologist who spoke at the time how the Tony Blair government had employed him and many others for that very purpose, and not as some mere ‘spin doctors’, of how such programs are devised on a constant basis, to give the public the impression that they are actually having their own ideas and making their own decisions, it is just a very very nasty form of criminal dictatorship by the NWO Jews, whose religion states very clearly that Gentiles are eternally and  irredeemably evil and eternally non-living, with Gentiles stated by the Jews to be forever unconnected and unconnectable to God, and that all Gentiles will be literally exterminated throughout the entire world by their god in his wrath, and then we Gentiles are all to be sent to hell at the end of this world says their Zohar terrorist program ‘scripture’. 

‌Read ‘Why Is The US Honoring A Racist Rabbi?” by Alison Weir, Counterpunch.

So much for serving Israel and the Jews. The Talmud explicitly states that all Christians are to be killed for instance, their Noahide Laws state that when they are enforced all over the world under an intended future one world government to run by Jews alone, all Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs etc., as ‘idolaters’, will all be literally executed, with rabbis stating that NATO soldiers for instance of controlled nations will be used to bring that military dictatorship about and then enforce the terms of it. That alone should make people very seriously question why Israel simply has to be served, and why Jews simply have to be accepted. 

But no matter what a few independent people who can still be bothered to actually think may say, Israel and the Jews are very sadly still always supported by the military and by the government, after these agents of deception continuously manage to trick their way into office, always on a raft of lies promising this and that, but never mentioning really important issues relating to true issues of national security or the true well-being of our people. 

Something is totally out of control, and going very badly indeed for all of us, and fake ‘democracy’ is being used to maintain the illusion that we are all actually wishing for this state of affairs through having ‘elected’ this administration or that with their 80% MP friends of the deadly enemy Israel in the House of Commons. 

The men and women of the British armed forces and police who still have integrity actually hold the real power with their weapons and should install a new government based on honest and actually kind principles that the people of this nation can really look up to. 

A more spiritualized, non-religious means of teaching or inspiring a more compassionate and cooperative spiritual outlook in young people is the way forward. 

Whilst we have weaponized malicious psyop religions foisted on even ourselves like Christianity, which says that Jesus has not come to bring peace, but to divide with sword, what does anyone expect to happen, people are sent mental by so-called religions like this. Jesus says he will set three against two and two against three in every family, that unless one hates their family members, they will not enter heaven, that he will cause one member of a family to literally cause the death of another member of their own family.

They had to burn people alive or strangle them to death at the stake by garrotting in order to ‘introduce’ this psychotic fake religion throughout Europe and then elsewhere, it is pure poison, and totally demonic. Only someone criminally insane would support the idea of burning someone else alive unceasingly for all eternity and forever cutting them off from God after just one lifetime for not accepting the so-called ‘love of Jesus’.  

‌The Christian religion is designed by the Jews to make sure that any Christians themselves will actually be the ones who will remain cut off from the real God as long as they willfully turn a blind eye to their own terrible sin in accepting that horror as being for the common good, even though they have been deceived into accepting that fake religion. 

Christianity is a psy-op foisted on us by infiltrators from a very toxic place. And those who instigated Christianity in the UK have then compounded on that and brought even more chaos in by bringing Muslims in and violent Negros in, and by that act created a smokescreen covering their own nefarious activities even more, putting others more in the limelight to distract attention away from what they themselves are still doing.

The UK has had its own spiritual roots almost completely destroyed now, all by deliberate intention, because those who are behind it are very malevolent and want to destroy all genuine religions and replace them with purposely-created poison offshoots from their own religion like Islam and Christianity, both being totally insane pseudo-religions, before ultimately destroying all other religions except for their own Judaic religion and Noahide Law. 

Under a better administration, with a far better ethos, one could teach about the universal flow of pranic life energy through all living things, and how all souls in all species of life are connected to an eternally indwelling and eternally all-surrounding communal higher self.

‌One could teach of the consciousness of the soul both before and after incarnation as an eternal living substance, that being consciousness itself, love itself, that inhabits all beings even in this world of duality, that is alive without any beginning even without any gross or subtle material body surrounding it, and that at some point, all the souls in this dimension will return to a higher dimension that passes right through this one, one that exists just beyond the purview of the conditioned material senses, that can once again gradually come to be experienced by the increasingly reawakened senses of the eternal spirit soul of each individual. 

‌Such a genuine approach based on currently validatable experiences of spiritually aware individuals can be minus all the ridiculous threatening religious dogma and doctrine of any eternal hell or eternal separation from God and so on, minus all the pointless harsh material edicts of mundane religion that really have just about nothing to do with spiritual consciousness at all, with a spiritually revitalized approach being essentially based on the principle of being as kind and gentle as possible to all forms of life around us, with the understanding that the soul is love itself when properly reunited in a relationship with the cosmic higher self, and that we all come from a higher, cosmic, beginningless dimension of pure and perfect culture, where no violence can exist at all when each soul is consciously surrounded once again by the pure spiritual matter of the infinite communal higher self, because that substance is of an entirely different order in which violence cannot occur, permitting perfect personality and will to become manifest by all towards each other within and through that communal higher self throughout that infinite plane, which is pure consciousness, unending bliss and love. 

January 13, 2020

Addressing hypertension, reducing sodium intake and avoiding trans fat could improve the heart health of 94 million people – study

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Comment by mothman777;

But what sort of salt? Refined white salt, like refined white sugar, both have very harmful effects on the body, while pure organic and unrefined, unbleached coconut jaggery sugar and Himalayan rock salt are recognized for their multiple medical benefits. Coconut jaggery sugar, and even unrefined and unpasteurized honey, have been recognized in Ayurvedic medicinal texts as having multiple health benefits for several thousand years.

Likewise, such unrefined and unadulterated rock salt, as well as being free from ocean-harvested microplastics, is known to actually normalize blood pressure, reducing unhealthy high blood pressure, and increasing unhealthy low blood pressure.

The study is lacking in that respect and it would be good to see good medical studies on the relative effects on human health of both refined salt and unrefined rock salt.

From an article by Dr Mercola on salt and its relationship to cardiovascular heath;

“Many experts have suggested that consuming as less salt as possible is good for your health. However, there are major drawbacks to this train of thought. While consuming too much salt is definitely dangerous for your body, there are also health risks attributed to a major decrease in salt intake.

“According to a study published in the Lancet, while high-salt diets were linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular events and death in hypertensive populations, low-salt diets were alarmingly also connected to a higher possibility for cardiovascular events like heart attacks and stroke and deaths in people with or without hypertension.

“Results highlighted that a daily intake of nearly 3,000 milligrams of salt was connected to optimal health. While the results of this Lancet study have been deemed controversial, you’d be pleased to know that there are other studies supporting this claim.”

The British occupation government has refused to ban the use of trans-fats or hydrogenated fats when they had the full opportunity to do so merely with the stroke of a pen, with the erstwhile British PM responsible stating that he believes that the British people should be ‘allowed to maintain their freedom of (uninformed) choice to eat what they like’, thereby deliberately setting the British people up to ruin their health over several decades and actually kill themselves, with huge numbers of them unnecessarily being terribly disabled and dying very prematurely as a direct consequence after trusting that the British government has done the proper amount of due diligence on their behalf to ensure the health and safety and well-being of the British people.

6 million native Britons for instance are functionally illiterate, that is before the numbers of those who are yet to become fully literate schoolchildren are added, and the vast numbers of foreign language-speaking immigrants who do not speak the English language very well or at all, and so cannot comprehend news articles on this heath issue.

January 12, 2020

As of January 1, 2020, the cancer industry has now killed 20 million people around the world since the year 2000

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Mercury Confirmed as Principal Exacerbating Factor in Alzheimer's Disease. Mercury Also Confirmed as Only Heavy Metal Capable of Causing a Normal Brain to Develop Every Type of Biochemical Abnormality Found in Alzheimer's Disease

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January 11, 2020

Downing of Ukrainian Airliner by Iran Arranged by TPTB

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By mothman777, reedited;

The Americans slipped up here, they actually admit that the Iranians directly gave the Americans themselves and not merely ‘the Iraqis’, as has erroneously and deceptively been claimed before, a full 2.5 hours advance notice that they would be sending missiles onto American air bases in Iraq, so who in their right minds in Iraq would be telling passenger jets to fly at that exact same time except the Jewish-controlled Americans, intending with the utmost certainty that any jets flying at that time would most certainly be taken out as likely American fighter or bomber jets or cruise missiles launching what would have been a completely unnecessary counter attack, the passenger jet having climbed to the exact same height and assuming the exact same attitude as any attacking American jet fighter, jet bomber or cruise missile would be entirely expected to assume, therefore it is massively obvious that the Jewish Israeli-controlled Americans were very obviously and very deliberately putting that passenger jet into harm’s way with a highly malicious and deceptive ulterior motive.

It is most certainly not the fault of any of the Iranians in the slightest, the Iranians have been completely set up, with 100% absolute certainty, and the Iranians being held responsible at all levels should not be blamed or punished in the slightest by anyone, rather, it should be made clear to the Iranian public and all other peoples of the world that the Jewish-Israeli-controlled American forces have deliberately created the most cruel and demonic deception, and that the Americans responsible for authorising the flight of that passenger jet and authorizing its flight pattern at that exact time should instead be held entirely responsible for the downing of the passenger jet and the consequent loss of all lives on board, and be made to suffer for deliberately creating that situation.

There is no need at all for the Iranian people to demonstrate against their leader or to condemn their leader, or to punish him, or for the dutiful Iranian officer who launched the missile response to the apparently threatening jet aircraft to feel responsible, he had just 10 seconds to make his decision, and the cold-hearted American forces deliberately, very calculatedly and very knowingly threw that passenger jet filled with mainly Iranian passengers directly onto a flight path that very definitely could only be regarded as a weapon coming at Iran, with the very definite intention by the Israeli-controlled Americans to use the inevitable outcome for propaganda purposes against Iran, with the clear intention to destabilize the leadership and to undermine faith in Iranian solidarity.

Most certainly, with the knowledge held by the American forces for 2.5 hours that Iranian missiles would be falling on American-controlled Iraqi military air bases, all Iraqi civilian flights should very obviously have been grounded for the entire duration of time during and around which the Iranian missiles were scheduled to fall on Iraqi soil.

The manipulative Israeli-controlled American forces are without the slightest doubt entirely to blame for the entire incident, the resoluteness of the Iranian people must not be allowed to be shaken or undermined by this entirely arranged incident. That this entire incident was artificially created by the Israeli-controlled American forces is entirely obvious.

The Lusitania was deliberately allowed to set sail after the German government had made explicit warnings, even publicly stating in newspapers and arranging for posters to be put up abroad to advise potential civilian passengers that any ships sailing under the British flag would be liable to be sunk. In the days leading up to the Lusitania sinking, Germany had repeatedly warned American citizens not to sail on British ships in the war zone, and the Lusitania was known to be carrying ammunition on board when she was sunk.

The captain of the Lusitania was also ordered to sail slower than usual and to sail in a straight line, and not to use the usual safe strategy of sailing in a zig-zag pattern when entering British waters that would normally have been used by him to avoid being hit by torpedoes.

As the Lusitania approached British waters off the coast of Ireland in 1915, the demented war-loving alcoholic Winston Churchill deliberately called off the ship’s escort ships so that a German U-boat could easily torpedo the sitting duck, resulting in the deaths of 1,198 people, including 128 Americans, including crew, when an ammunition ship most certainly should not have been allowed to have civilian passengers on board in the first place, who had, after all, all been warned beforehand of the likely consequences. The Imperial German Embassy even issued a warning by placing an advertisement in fifty different American newspapers.

Churchill later secretly terror-bombed German civilians for 3.5 months during the beginning of WWII using the RAF to drop high explosive and incendiary bombs on German civilians without informing the British public, who were not yet that keen or sold on the idea of continuing a war against Germany, after all, three members of the British royal family, sisters of Prince Philip, were married to senior SS officers, one of them a German royal prince. Germany was not yet bombing British civilians, obeying the codes of war. The same day Churchill replaced Chamberlain in office, he reversed the long-standing policy of Chamberlain against indiscriminate bombing. Dennis Richards, Official Historian of the R.A.F. admitted that the British initiated the air war, targeting civilians, in order to goad Hitler into bombing England in retaliation.

Churchill stated how he wished to create the desire for war in the British, by creating what he termed ‘a war psychosis’ in them. To ensure that this ‘war psychosis’ developed in the British, Churchill insanely refused all offers by Germany for peace, Churchill refused offers of a military alliance with Germany against the Communist Russia that threatened to take all of Europe, and Churchill refused offers by Hitler to withdraw from all territories that Germany had entered into, and Churchill refused other offers made by Germany to assist Britain militarily that consisted of offers to provide divisions of German soldiers to assist British forces in preserving the territories of the British Empire.

When Churchill and all his war cabinet and diplomatic staff in various embassies repeatedly refused to listen to any of the offers that Germany repeatedly attempted to make, whilst the British RAF relentlessly still slaughtered many thousands of German civilians night after night, after such long suffering of the German people, Germany reluctantly bombed Britain back, but only after enduring 3.5 months of bombing raids by the British RAF that the German people had thus far not responded to in kind, hoping all that time that more sane leaders would come to the helm in Britain and at last join with Germany in the fight against the true common enemy, Jewish Bolshevism in Russia that threatened to sweep through all of Europe.

But of course, Jewish bankers in England and America had created and funded Jewish Marxism and the ensuing Bolshevik so-called ‘revolution’ in Russia to enslave as much of Europe as they wished, also intending for a Communist Eastern Bloc to present the opportunity for a fake cold war against the Capitalist West in later times, to ensure the development of an arms race that would guarantee the apparent necessity for the constant development of weapons capable of ever increasingly vast scales of mass destruction, that could eventually be used to slaughter as many goyim as they wished on an industrial scale through their controlled governments pitting one Gentile people against another, and at a more suitable pace for the Jews, so they would never consent to their own Jewish Communist creation in Russia being destroyed by any alliance between Germany and Britain.

In sticking to his Jewish-controlled pig-headedness, Churchill directly forced a military response from Germany that Germany never wished to carry out in the first place, and in the process, Churchill himself was responsible for the deaths of 40,000 British people killed in German air raids on Coventry, Liverpool and London in the ‘Blitz’, though the damage inflicted by the RAF on Germany was very many times worse.

Not many people know that Churchill is entirely responsible for the bombings that killed those 40,000 British civilians, who would never have died otherwise, and that Churchill entirely arranged those bombings by Germany very deliberately to create the ‘war psychosis’ in the British people that he so desired, on behalf of his Jewish masters.

Churchill intended only that the British people would regard the ensuing bombings on civilian areas of Britain by the German Luftwaffe as being entirely unprovoked and without justifiable cause, and thus come to regard Hitler as a madman who had to be stopped, never knowing how Churchill had secretly had so many German civilian men, women, children and babies burned and bombed to death during the 3.5 months of secret RAF bombings on Germany beforehand, and there are RAF and other servicemen today, who are still bound by the terms of the Official Secrets Act, who even today, are forbidden to reveal what they know about what the British armed forces really did during WWII.

This is a typical ‘British’ strategy, just like the obscene sacrifice of people in the 7/7 2005 false flag fake Muslim terrorist attack in London that killed 52 people and injured over 700, this time using civilians operating in what they thought was a simple security exercise practice, made to carry actual explosives when they thought they were carrying dummy explosive packs.

Over 3,000 Americans were sacrificed earlier on 9/11 2001 for Israeli objectives in a similar false flag exercise to enable the ensuing murder of literally millions of innocents in ME wars.

As also occured later in London on 7/7 2005, military exercises were occurring at exactly the same time around that area based on exactly such a scenario occurring.

Even during the recent fake terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, in which no one really died except in a very poorly-made video arcade game style CGI green screen type fake film that was to used to falsely justify the bringing in of legislation to ensure the banning of guns in New Zealand to make it a safer bolt-hole for the Israelis in the event that massive evacuation of Israel becomes necessary, two military exercises were occurring very nearby, one of these being an SAS exercise a few miles away.

It appears as always, that no sacrifice of the goyim is too great in order to serve the purposes of the Jewish terrorist agenda that is only intended to eventually bring about the creation of a NWO terrorist dictatorship Jewish one world government under genocidal Noahide Laws, to authorize and initiate the deaths of all Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and all other members of all non-Jewish religions.

Netanyahu, visiting England from Israel, being in London that day on 7/7 2005 after coming to secure support for the intended war against ‘terrorist’ Iran even at that time, was warned by ‘security services’ not to go out that day in London because they knew the terrorist attacks would be occuring, and of course they would know, they arranged the false-flag attacks themselves.

In fact, under the American Freedom of Information Act, from American sources, it was disclosed that undercover MI5 and MI6 agents have been working deep undercover in the various branches of the various IRA factions and that those ‘British’ agents have actually planted many of the bombs themselves that have killed and maimed very many people.

CIA and MI5 created IRA, PLO, al-Qaeda and now Iraqi ‘terrorist’ groups

MI5 and MI6 were in fact created largely in support of the Natty Rothschild-based group behind the instigation of WWI, and the continuation of that process of destruction of Germany in WWII. Read ‘Hidden History of WW1’ by Jim Macgregor and Gerry Docherty, also read the recently published; Prolonging The Agony: Macgregor and Docherty Publish Volume Two of Hidden History of WW1

You can see in the following video how the criminal terrorist British government uses fake convictions and false flag attacks, and actually murders innocent people to do so; see how the tube-train carriage that was supposedly bombed by a man carrying a rucksack bomb (supposedly witnessed by a convenient female Israeli youtuber who maintains a video of the event to convince everyone that ‘they’ really did it), actually has girders blasted upwards into the train carriage, with jagged ends standing up inside the carriage, rather than them being blasted downwards as would certainly have occurred if there had actually been any explosive blast from above the tube train carriage floor, a complete impossibility to have been caused by anything other than a very powerful bomb planted under the train beforehand by murderous and traitorous British/Israeli ‘security’ services for false flag purposes.

‘7-7 Terror Attacks – Kollerstrom and Farrell Reveal The Truth’

We can see here the pure hypocrisy of Netanyahu currently telling the world that Israel must stay out of ‘America’s’ conflict with Iran, and that it does not involve Israel at all, and the utter deceptiveness of the Jewish Trump, who compounds the obscene lies of Netanyahu by also stating that any conflict between America and Iran is nothing to do with Israel.

As far as user and abuser Trump is concerned, for Americans to lose their lives in any war against Iran and her likely allies will be quite acceptable and even a very good thing, but for any Israeli or other Jew to lose their lives fighting against Iran would be absolutely unthinkable, after all, all Gentiles are only created to fight and die for their Jewish masters as slaves as far as the Jews are concerned.

Judaism is an extremely violent form of criminal terrorist psychosis, that must come to be banned by international law worldwide, if any Gentiles wish for the long-term survival of their peoples, that is.

We can see here how the American Jewish propaganda department not only certainly caused the Ukrainian passenger plane to be placed in harm’s way, resulting in an ‘own goal’, with almost all fatalities those of Iranians on board the Ukrainian passenger jet, but also managed to heavily undermine the support of the Iranian people for their own supreme leader;

Copper-based nanomaterials can kill cancer cells in mice

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Some forms of copper are actually known to increase angiogenesis of blood vessels of cancers, angiogenesis being the physiological process through which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels formed in the earlier stage of vasculogenesis. Angiogenesis continues the growth of the vasculature by processes of sprouting and splitting.

However, as can be seen from the above report, some copper-based nano-materials evidently have the effect of inhibiting cancers.

Copper sols were used on the continent many decades ago on cancer and demonstrated partial success in treating a limited proportion of breast cancers, with copper sols injected into muscle tissue surrounding breast tissue.

‘Full text of “The use of colloids in health and disease;“‘ by ALFRED B. SEARLE, published November 1919;

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