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October 22, 2018


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Comment by Mothman777;

This video is so good!

White Helmets Members, Experts Killed in Huge Blast at Chemical Workshop in Northwestern Syria

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October 21, 2018


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Study: One-Quarter of the World’s Adults Don’t Get Enough Exercise

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White People Who Hail Anders Breivik as a Hero Are Idiots or Worse

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Anders Breivik has ended up being seen as a heroic figure by a good number of Whites who are supposedly struggling for a future for White children.

Source: White People Who Hail Anders Breivik as a Hero Are Idiots or Worse

Where Are We When We’re Not Here?

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It’s our nature to migrate away from our bodies although we never really think of it that way. It’s not difficult to see that we’re not entirely in one place all of the time.

Source: Where Are We When We’re Not Here?

Comment by Mothman777;

Very good article, and so true. There is of course, a cosmic telephone operator involved in all this intercommunication between souls, a third party who kindly facilitates all this, and the spatial dimension of that Supersoul/Godhead third party soul is infinite, so we can experience our limited consciousness being expanded to become aware of places vastly distanced from our present location at times, by bi-location, astral projection or a whole host of related psychic gifts bestowed upon us by that communal Supersoul. When we are restored eventually to our original, beginningless and natural state of spiritual consciousness in the transcendental spiritual dimension itself, then our awareness becomes much greater within and through the Godhead Supersoul, within whom we are all eternally situated.

This can easily be understood to be the real case when we figure out that ‘someone’ is not only able to patch us in to people and even other creatures that we know who are very distant from us in physical terms, and carry messages from each person or creature to the other, but that also, that same spiritual entity is naturally related to us, just as the physical Sun that maintains life in all physical beings in this material dimension is, and that the distance covered between all souls is actually the substance of that same Being, who knows the whereabouts of everyone simultaneously, who can also filter out literally thousands of millions of other wavelengths so that we can communicate with certain other individuals in relative privacy, and so that we can also be aware of much more on certain other levels that do not involve telepathy so much.

Vedic science holds that some more advanced souls in the material dimension are given vast psychic bodies like that of the ‘creator’ god Lord Brahma, the substance of such material bodily vehicles ultimately actually being understood to be lent from the substance of the Godhead/Supersoul in truth, translated into material substance, though each Lord Brahma is understood to be a great devotee of the Godhead Supersoul and has access to the transcendental spiritual world, as is recorded in Sri Brahma Samhita, and every one of the several millions of physical universes in existence contains one spiritually advanced jiva soul who has been deputed to be the ‘demigod creator’ presiding over that universe, and each Lord Brahma has such potency bestowed upon him that he knows, simultaneously and constantly, the physical and mental activities of every single living entity in all dimensions within that particular universe.

Actually the subtle and gross physical bodies of all materially incarnate beings can be understood ultimately to be derived from the spiritual substance of Lord Krishna Himself, the Godhead Supersoul, though those bodies may appear totally non-living to us, and even the body of each planet is the same substance, and Lord Krishna, behind the veil of Maya, is in fact fully conscious as that matter, even as volcanoes erupting etc. just as the ancient supposedly ‘ignorant’ pagan religions understand.

Even the bodies of the tapeworms and bacteria are testing agencies within this conditioned material dimension of Maya, though of course, in this world, one living being exists only by consuming another, and sometimes even by having to combat another, whereas in the spiritual world, no being exists by consuming another, all are maintained there spiritually in perfect peace by Krishna without any fear of predation by any other.

In this material world, where all spiritually forgetful and materially incarnated souls are greatly separated from the Godhead, who normally maintains them in cosmic spiritual consciousness, they remain deluded in varying degrees and consume each other in their panic and madness, somehow sensing their acute loss of spiritual consciousness and well-being, yet not knowing from whom to obtain living vitality and full consciousness once again, or how.

But the affinity towards restoration of a natural spiritual relationship with the Godhead Supersoul is actually natural to all creatures, though some very perversely fight against that for vast periods of time in complete spiritual forgetfulness, even thinking that they can kill God and become God themselves, so they remain in material prison house bodies in this world until they are ready to come to their senses and treat the infinite Godhead Soul and everyone else properly.

In truth, beyond our present lack of knowledge and forgetfulness, all physical matter surrounding the countless jiva souls in this material dimension is really fully conscious spiritual matter, but that of another individual, the Godhead Supersoul Himself, whom we all are all minute expansions of, like ripples emanating from a central maintaining vibrational pattern, the central personality of Godhead, an eternal individual person with a variety of eternal spiritual vibrational forms, just as all of us can also vibrate in a variety of eternally existing vibrational spiritual forms on the eternal spiritual platform as our relationships and activities within the Godhead Supersoul change, so that we can change to different forms and enjoy different pastimes within that Person as our mutual principal associate, who manifests in countless individual forms to accompany each soul there, as well as being the substance of the formless spiritual sky, water and land there.

The actual substance of each soul does not transfer to any other, it is eternal, and just as we are eternally individual beings with eternally individual substance, we also have eternally individual personalities which are perfect on the eternally liberated spiritual plane, that are fully restored when any jiva soul re-enters that dimension.

When any jiva soul re-enters the beginningless and eternal spiritual abode beyond subtle or gross material bodily incarnation, beyond even the impersonal Brahman white light, they automatically dovetail their consciousness by the grace of the Godhead Supersoul to have ‘sarshti’, or cosmic consciousness, so that each jiva soul then has 78% of the mystical siddhic potencies and opulences as the Godhead Supersoul Himself does, as we are all composed of the same type of substance, each of us being like little ripples or beams emanating from that central Soul, and each relationship engaged in on the spiritual platform with that Godhead Soul causes a different vibrational pattern of each soul to be assumed, there being no external materially conditioning bodies surrounding the souls in that dimension, so a soul in the Vaikuntha and Goloka spiritual planets (or planes) may adopt the vibrational pattern of a two-armed Krishna or a four-armed Narayana, or even a bee, a swan or a flower, but these are all spiritually fully conscious entities with cosmic spiritual consciousness enjoying direct principal association with the Godhead Supersoul Krishna (Govinda), though of course, all jiva souls there will also enjoy communal pastimes amongst the infinite numbers of the jiva souls there, and Krishna especially loves when one jiva soul helps to introduce another jiva soul to sharing some pastime with Him, so liberated souls there do not remain in the association of the Godhead Supersoul alone and ignore all others, but share with each other in a cosmic societal manner.

The difference between levels of potencies of the Godhead Supersoul and levels of potencies of the individual jiva souls lies principally in the fact that the Godhead Supersoul is the very substance and ultimate maintainer of the entire spiritual dimension (and discreetly, that of the material planes also), but apart from that, joy, love. bliss, beauty, mystical siddhic abilities, and spiritual opulences exist for all entities there in perfectly fulfilling abundance without any risk of old age, disease, death or any kind of any kind of anxiety existing there, the name of the spiritual abode being Vaikuntha, literally meaning ‘without anxiety’, and the same infinite abode in the Sikh understanding is called Sach Khand, with the highest spiritual realm within all those ‘planets’ or planes being called Goloka, the spiritual plane actually being infinite and discreetly passing through all others.

Some ‘jiva souls’ in the material dimensions have different stations to ours, they may be beetles, mushrooms, trees, algae, shellfish, jellyfish, avian species and all other aquatic species including water-based mammals, as well as souls incarnate in other dimensions in different types of physical matter beyond the immediate purview of our gross material senses, the spiritual dimensions running right through all of them in truth, being totally infinite, being a mass of living consciousness without any vacuum.

The soul is not actually held in place by the gross physical body, but by streams of prana within the subtle physical body that is anchored within the gross physical body.

The essence of all Vedic wisdom is held to be contained in the short book Sri Brahma Samhita, and two commentaries exist, one by Srila Jiva Goswami, who existed contemporaneously at the time and place where a combined form of Srimati Radharani and Lord Sri Krishna manifested on 18th February 1486 until the 14th June 1534, as Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in the form of His own perfect devotee in inspirational and instructional manner, who Himself had been predicted to appear in that form and place at that time in various Vedic scriptures, in Mayapur, West Bengal, within a particular family, as He did, and a later commentary on Sri Brahma Samhita was written by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur in 1932. Masses of perfectly preserved literature was composed by saintly people living contemporaneously with that incarnation of Lord Krishna.

God periodically appears within all material species to reawaken their spiritual consciousness and reestablish spiritual culture within them, and to do this. He assumes many names and forms, some of His principal and better-known incarnations having been as a fish, boar and turtle etc.

BELGIUM – Trade union boss says Israel kills Palestinian kids for their organs

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Nothing should have been retracted, the death of the Palestinians is the death of us all. The Jewish parasite says in the Zohar;

All Israelites will have a part in the future world… The Goyim, at the end of the world will be handed over to the angel Duma and sent down to hell.

Zohar, Shemoth, Toldoth Noah, Lekh-Lekha

Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.

Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L

The Ugly Truth


JTA – A university lecturer and senior executive of one of Belgium’s main trade unions wrote that Israel poisons Palestinians and kills their children for their organs.

Robrecht Vanderbeeken is the cultural secretary of the ACOD trade union and a philosophy of science scholar affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. His column repeating charges vehemently rejected by Israel was published in August on the left-wing news site De Wereld Morgen.

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October 20, 2018

When Germany Invaded Germany

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During the 1920s and 1930s Poland, in defiance of the Versailles Treaty and international Law, occupied large swathes of northern Germany.

Source: When Germany Invaded Germany

Comment by Mothman777;

Even in the early 1920’s, long before the later Bromberg Massacre of Germans in 1939 that occurred following military action by Germans following a long period of offers of peaceful German settlements with Poland that had been constantly ignored by Poland, the Poles, with state approval and heavy military backing had set about driving the Germans off the newly-acquired lands, and large-scale massacres, mutilations and brutalities occurred against those German people even as early as the 1920’s due to this action the Germans people then still dwelling on these lands acquired from the Germans, whom the Poles were trying to drive off the land or remove by any other means. massacres of germans Bromberg massacre and the Encyclopaedia Brittanica in 1922 records how even then, on lands that the Poles had taken from Germany under the terms of the so-called Versailles ‘Treaty’, when Germany was forcefully cut into pieces by the criminals who had unjustly forced Germany into WWI after an earlier attempt to do so in 1905 had been unsuccessful;

Massacres of Germans during and before the 1939 Bromberg Massacre;

“Of all the crimes of World War II, one never hears about the wholesale massacres that occurred in Poland just before the war. Thousands of German men, women and children were massacred in the most horrendous fashion by press-enraged mobs. Hitler decided to halt the slaughter and he rushed to the rescue. Young German boys, when captured by the Poles, were castrated.”

– Leon Degrelle


“Since dawn today, we are shooting back …”

– A. Hitler

Hitler’s Reichstag Speech of December 11, 1941
“You will recall the dramatic events of that period — the steadily increasing numbers of victims among the ethnic Germans [in Poland]. You, my deputies, are best qualified to compare this loss of life with that of the present war. The military campaign in the East has so far cost the entire German armed forces about 160,000 deaths, whereas during just a few months of peace [in 1939] more than 62,000 ethnic Germans were killed, including some who were horribly tortured. There is no question that the German Reich had the right to protest against this situation on its border and to press for its elimination, if for no other reason than for its own security, particularly since we live in an age in which [some] other countries [notably, the USA and Britain] regard their security at stake even in foreign continents. In geographical terms, the problems to be resolved were not very important. Essentially they involved Danzig [Gdansk] and a connecting link between the torn-away province of East Prussia and the rest of the Reich. Of much greater concern were the brutal persecutions of the Germans in Poland. In addition, the other minority population groups [notably the Ukrainians] were subject to a fate that was no less severe.”

A book was written about Polish atrocities on Ethnic Germans in Poland in 1995. It is called “1919-1939 Documented atrocities against Germans in Poland according to civic sources”.

The real truth on constant murderous violence against the German minority inflicted by the Poles in a highly provocative manner since 1919;

From a comment featured at

1922 Encyclopaedia Britannica, “SILESIA, UPPER” (this is the German territory that was given to Poland under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles);


”under Polish pressure the Germans in the southern and eastern districts were subjected to oppressive treatment. On Aug. 19 1920 the Poles felt strong enough, indeed, to make an attempt to seize the country by force. On all sides bands of Poles, chiefly recruited from Congress Poland, usurped authority. A number of Germans were forcibly carried across the frontier into Poland, and many were killed. Several weeks elapsed before it was possible to quell this rising and restore order…It had been suggested by the Entente that non-resident Upper Silesians of the German Reich should vote outside Silesia, at Cologne. Germany protested against this, and her protest was recognized as valid by the Entente. In January 1921 the date of the plebiscite was fixed for March 20 1921.
An immediate revival took place in the use of terrorism by the Poles, especially in the districts of Rybnik, Pless, Kattowitz, and Beuthen. It reached its climax in the days preceding the plebiscite. Voters from other parts of the German Reich were frequently refused admission to the polls; sometimes they were maltreated and even in some instances murdered; and houses where outvoters were staying were set on fire… The day after the plebiscite the Polish excesses recommenced, and from that date onwards continued without interruption… Practically all the towns voted for Germany… the first days of May witnessed a new Polish insurrection which assumed far greater proportions than the former one. Korfanty had secretly raised a well-organized Polish force which was provided with arms and munition from across the border, and was reinforced by large bodies of men from Poland…
By June 20 the British troops had again occupied the larger towns, while the Poles had the upper hand in the rural districts. As a result of the difficulties in paying his men and providing them with food Korfanty now lost control over his followers. Independent bands were formed which plundered the villages, ill-treated the Germans, and murdered many of them.”

You can compare this truthful account above that is recorded in the 1922 Encyclopaedia Britannica with the lying disinformation crap of the day written by the Jewish agent British warmonger immediately below ;

No. 52.
Sir H. Kennard to Viscount Halifax.
(Telegraphic.) Warsaw, August 24, 1939.

WHILE I am of course not in a position to check all the allegations made by the German press of minority persecutions here, I am satisfied from enquiries I have made that the campaign is a gross distortion and exaggeration of the facts.

2. Accusations of beating with chains, throwing on barbed wire, being forced to shout insults against Herr Hitler in chorus, &c., are merely silly, but many individual cases specified have been disproved.

3. M. Karletan, for instance, arrested in connexion with murder of Polish policeman on 15th August, was alleged by German press to have been beaten to death and his wife and children thrown out of the window. Manchester Guardian correspondent tells me that he visited him in prison on Sunday and found him in good health. He had not been beaten or physically injured at all. Story about wife and child was equally devoid of any foundation whatever.

4. It is true that many of the German minority have left Poland illegally, but I hear both from the Acting British Consul at Katowice and from British Vice-Consul at Lodz that the Germans themselves have told many to leave. There was an initial exodus last May. Many subsequently asked to come back, but the Poles were not anxious to have them, as they had no doubt been trained in propaganda, sabotage and espionage activities, such as Jungdeutsche Partei in Katowice have been conducting. In Lodz area some of those who left recently raised all the money and credit they could before leaving, and the Voivode told Vice-Consul on 20th August that from evidence available he was satisfied that German Consulate had transferred these funds to Germany and was no doubt privy to their departure. Many of those who left, especially from Lodz, are of the intelligentsia, and they are said to include Herr Witz, leader of Volksbund. British Vice-Consul at Lodz says many German organisations have been closed there, but they were notoriously conducting Nazi propaganda, and Polish authorities could not ignore it altogether. I think, however, many Germans have lost their jobs, especially in factories of military or semi-military importance, and some 2,000 workmen have left Tomaszow.

5. Many of those who left their homes undoubtedly did so because they wished to be on German side of the front in event of war, and in general there is by common consent less individual friction with members of the minority now than last May.

6. Ministry for Foreign Affairs tell me that figure of 76,000 refugees quoted in German press is a gross exaggeration. I should say 17,000 was the absolute maximum. Gazeta Polska correspondent in Berlin has asked to be shown refugee camps of the 76,000 and apparently received no answer.

7. In Silesia the frontier is not fully open, but a special frontier card system is in force and considerable daily traffic is possible. The German authorities having closed frontier in Rybnik area where Poles cross to Poland, Polish authorities closed it elsewhere where Germans cross into Germany. In view of revelations of activities of Jungdeutsche Partei, the Polish authorities feel greater control of frontier traffic is in any case necessary.

8. Polish press has recently published many complaints of wholesale removal of Poles from frontier districts in Silesia and East Prussia to the interior of Germany, smashing of property, especially in Allenstein district, closing of all Polish libraries in Silesia and other forms of persecution. According to semi-official Gazeta Polska, from April to June there were recorded 976 acts of violence against the minority, and since then the number of cases is stated to have increased beyond all bounds. For the last two days, however, no further information has been published, as M. Beck has damped the press down.
9. In general, responsible organs of the Polish press have not published violent tirades, still less claimed German territory for Poland, and A.B.C., recently quoted in Germany, is a violent Opposition newspaper with little reputation and less influence.

No. 53.
Sir H. Kennard to Viscount Halifax.
(Telegraphic.) Warsaw, August 26, 1939.
SERIES of incidents again occurred yesterday on German frontier.

2. Polish patrol met party Germans 1 kilometre from East Prussian frontier near Pelta. Germans opened fire. Polish patrol replied, killing leader, whose body is being returned.

3. German bands also crossed Silesian frontier near Szczyglo, twice near Rybnik and twice elsewhere, firing shots and attacking blockhouses and customs posts with machine guns and hand grenades. Poles have protested vigorously to Berlin.

4. Gazeta Polska, in inspired leader to-day, says these are more than incidents. They are clearly prepared acts of aggression of para-military disciplined detachments supplied with regular army’s arms, and in one case it was a regular army detachment. Attacks more or less continuous.

5. These incidents did not cause Poland to forsake calm and strong attitude of defence. Facts spoke for themselves and acts of aggression came from German side. This was best answer to ravings of German press.

6. Ministry for Foreign Affairs state uniformed German detachment has since shot Pole across frontier and wounded another.

No. 54.
Sir H. Kennard to Viscount Halifax.
(Telegraphic.) Warsaw, August 26, 1939.

MINISTRY for Foreign Affairs categorically deny story recounted by Herr Hitler to French Ambassador that twenty-four Germans were recently killed at Lodz and eight at Bielsko. Story is without any foundation whatever.
No. 55.
Sir H. Kennard to Viscount Halifax.
(Telegraphic.) Warsaw, August 27, 1939.

So far as I can judge, German allegations of mass ill-treatment of German minority by Polish authorities are gross exaggerations, if not complete falsifications.

2. There is no sign of any loss of control of situation by Polish civil authorities. Warsaw (and so far as I can ascertain the rest of Poland) is still completely calm.

3. Such allegations are reminiscent of Nazi propaganda methods regarding Czecho-Slovakia last year.

4. In any case it is purely and simply deliberate German provocation in accordance with fixed policy that has since March exacerbated feeling between the two nationalities. I suppose this has been done with object of (a) creating war spirit in Germany, (b) impressing public opinion abroad, (c) provoking either defeatism or apparent aggression in Poland.

5. It has signally failed to achieve either of the two latter objects.

6. It is noteworthy that Danzig was hardly mentioned by Herr Hitler.

7. German treatment of Czech Jews and Polish minority is apparently negligible factor compared with alleged sufferings of Germans in Poland, where, be it noted, they do not amount to more than 10 per cent. of population in any commune.

8. In face of these facts, it can hardly be doubted that, if Herr Hitler decides on war, it is for the sole purpose of destroying Polish independence.

9. I shall lose no opportunity of impressing on Minister for Foreign Affairs necessity of doing everything possible to prove that Herr Hitler’s allegations regarding German minority are false.
My comment regarding the above British propaganda;

It is quite obvious with the invasion of Poland by Stalin, the subsequent massacre of 15-20,000 Polish officers and intellectuals in the Katyn Forest massacre, falsely blamed on the Germans, and the subsequent handover of all of Poland to exist under brutal Soviet regime following the war, and even the almost certain murder by Russian agents of many of the post-war Polish government in an airplane crash, the film of which features the sounds of gunshots as surviving Polish government members are being liquidated in the wreckage of the plane by the Russians after their plane ‘crashed’ as they were all on their way to a memorial service in remembrance of the Poles murdered by the Russians in the Katyn Forest Massacre. Some preservation of the independence of Poland that was.

The man who filmed Russian troops shooting Polish survivors of the crash was later assassinated by Russian agents in a very obvious manner, so it is very clear that it was not looters who were being shot, and Russian soldiers themselves were later found to have stolen credit cards from the bodies of the crash victims.

See also how the Polish had hated the German people for a very long time;

An horrific, illegal and barbaric, utterly vindictive and needless post-war crime was the naval blockade intended to starve as many German civilians to death as possible in obvious continuing preparation for the planned invasion of Europe by the Jewish-created Bolshevik Russia that was intended by the western Jewish capitalist bankers who created it to sweep right across Europe, and only Germany was big enough to stop that, hence the plan funded by Natty Rothschild in Britain to totally smash Germany beginning in 1905.

“The Germans went into France about 8 & 1/2 months AFTER France had declared war upon and invaded peaceful Germany — AFTER Hitler had been deliberately baited into a conflict by Anglo-Franco-backed military dictator of Poland!”

New Jewish Invasion Of Germany? British Jews Apply For German Citizenship In Dramatic Numbers

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I am sure they will be careful not to come under the influence of their own anti-white genocidal cross-breeding program with the blacks, but that has always been a major strength of the Jews, to remain strictly tribal and sterilize Israeli Jewish blacks or kill them by other means in Israel, and now to simply throw all black refugees out of Israel. See ‘100,000 Radiations’ by Barry Chamish.

This is what Israeli Jews do to blacks and how they openly stated that the black Sephardic Jews were subhumans before they subjected them to often lethal doses of radiation, that killed 6,000 of the 100,000 sadistically irradiated young children in just the first few months after the mass irradiation, that was ONLY given to black mixed race Sephardic Jews, who were taken away by bus, whilst their Ashkenazi paler-skinned Jewish classmates were not taken away, and not made to undergo the same genocidal dysgenic procedure.

The Ugly Truth


“It doesn’t make me any less British, but it does allow me to reclaim a bit of my history,” Neuberger, whose mother was a refugee from Germany. “It also declares a belief in Europe, an admiration for how Germany has dealt with its Nazi past, and a real belief that [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel’s welcome of migrants was both right and brave.”

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