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December 13, 2018


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Words published by Karl Marx:
“The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”

Jeff & Jon Rappoport – The Psychiatric Destruction Of America

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Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalysis, and the War on the West

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“We are bringing them the plague.”—Sigmund Freud, on his way to America in 1909

Comment by Mothman777;

This article demonstrates very clearly how Freud’s real intention was to undermine western Christian-based society as an act of Jewish ‘vengeance’,  his crafty invention of  the pseudo-science of psychoanalysis being, in fact, a weapon of the Jews against our peoples and nothing else, his intentions being in close alliance with the coincidental murderously genocidal work of the Bolsheviks, who of course slaughtered tens of millions of Christians in Russia. Freud kept a copy of the Zohar in his library

“Freud in fact had a secret library in which he housed books on the Kabbala, and a copy of the Zohar, which is “the most important document in Jewish mysticism,” and which, among other things, “taught the Jews to sacrifice Christian virgins for God’s pleasure.”

Sigmund Fraud: The Father of Modern Psychoanalysis and Neurotic Charlatan

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December 12, 2018

Over a million people DIE from chemotherapy every year, but only 750,000 pass away from cancer – what’s WRONG with this picture?

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Comment by Mothman777;

50% of people who even live long enough through chemo and who are declared to have been ‘cured’ of cancer by chemo die anyway by the time 5 years have passed, due to side-effects of the chemo, and 90% of people who have been declared ‘cured’ by chemo are dead by the time 10-15 years have passed since their ‘cure’ due to the same cause, and that figure does not even include the massive proportion of cancer sufferers who actually die of chemo (and not cancer itself) DURING chemo.

The figures in the following report differ slightly on this, but the article still contains very revealing information; .

Winston Churchill once reportedly said that “the only statistics you can trust are the ones you have falsified yourself”. His predecessor as British prime minister in the 19th century, Benjamin Disraeli, allegedly said there were “three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics”. One can suppose that Churchill, a master of lies, would know all about that, and similarly one can suppose that the current political administration behind the health service is similarly not very revealing about real statistics.

The rate of cancer caused by CT scans too is actually massive, vastly more than the ‘mere’ 1 in 20,000 that they give to the trusting sheeple. According to the calculations in one article in a magazine on cancer treatment that I possess, it is actually around 1 in 80 people who get cancer from a CT scan.

Within a month or two of having one high-intensity CT scan of 100 X-Rays (the doctor assured me I was only going to be given a maximum of 3 X-Rays to look for kidney stones, I was refused a lead vest, and assured that the X-rays would be specific to the kidney area, they, in fact, X-Rayed me right down to just above the knees and right up my upper body when I saw the X-Rays later on), I developed tumours undoubtedly caused by that CT scan that I got rid of myself, and I also suddenly got other conditions caused by inflammation due to the X-Rays, difficulty swallowing, frozen shoulders, and persistent hiccuping for many months, the hiccuping being caused by the Vagus nerve being harmed by the X-Rays, which I researched as having been documented in other patients due to the same cause, things an ignorant doctor will not have a clue about usually, and I say ‘usually’. I had only just been chatting with that same doctor, called Dr Rubaie, about the article ‘100,000 Radiations’ by Barry Chamish, which he said he had read also, before he arranged behind my back to give me a CT scan anyway that I had insisted was not necessary and harmful. An ultrasound is all I really need I told him, and had already had one to see that I had one kidney stone. I now treat myself with EDTA to safely pass any kidney stone within just a few days quite painlessly after only an ultrasound diagnosis.

These people know exactly what they are aiming to do, as each time, I have specifically asked to be offered alternative non-radioactive methods of analysis for any condition that have been available and been refused, and have even been refused lead vests on every single occasion in recent years (but never before), whilst the staff themselves have ALWAYS been wearing them, with the excuse that lead makes the X-Rays bounce around inside the vests and makes the damage worse, which is pure bullcrap, as I researched scientific papers on this which demonstrated that lead vests actually attenuate X-Rays by around 87% or so, so they do not cause X-Rays to rebound endlessly inside a patient.

If the officials who misinform the front line doctors on how to treat people actually wanted people to live, they would not be assassinating alternative doctors who have devised successful alternative methods of treating cancer, and they would not have withdrawn the availability of the 1930’s Raymond Royal Rife technologies that cured 100% of cancer patients without the slightest pain or side-effect, as the treatment was entirely non-intrusive and involved no drugs, using just radio waves to destroy any pathogen implicated in a stage of the disease, as without the presence of that pathogen, no matter what the cause of cancer had been, once that pathogen had been neutralised, the cancer could not develop or remain at all, and the frequencies were so accurate that they removed only one specific pathogen related to any particular pathogenic disease, also totally curing infections of poliomyelitis, hepatitis or any other pathogenic disease, without harming the immune system.

It has been found that just 6 courses of antibiotics given to any young girl or woman before the age of 18 will cause her to be 300% more likely to suffer breast cancer in later life, as the antibiotics permanently damage the intestinal gut flora, which is responsible for producing 80% of our immune system, and that certain antiviral drugs like acyclovir and certain antibiotics can also produce psychosis and other very unpleasant medical conditions, so the revival of the original and genuinely effective Raymond Royal Rife technologies is highly desirable, the withdrawal of those technologies being a massive crime that has, without any doubt, lead directly to the deaths of several hundred million people all over the world since President Roosevelt’s administration removed that medical technology from public service in the late 1930’s.

A further relevant statistic to consider is this, that if you do not have chemo or radio (I will not use the erroneous term ‘therapy’ here), then cancer patients will actually live, on average, 27% longer, and this actually equates, very surprisingly, to a massive 12.5 years extra lifespan, as some cancers are in fact extremely slow-growing and in truth, not always all that harmful, a very wise old lady who lived next to me had bowel cancer and refused any treatment for it, and she had that condition for many years before passing away peacefully at a very ripe old age. The allopathic alternative would have been to whip her into the Bolshevik-controlled ‘killing fields’ they call hospitals, resection her bowels, give her a stoma and a colostomy bag, shove her full of chemo and watch her suffer terribly, and the awful fact is, that 50% of patients treated that way commit suicide after such an operation within 18 months. Just what kind of people do that to others, when the Rife technology could spare them all such agony and indignity? 5th-Columnist President Roosevelt, whose wife was an avowed Communist, reputedly stated that “The American people are the enemy”. Of course, Roosevelt was good friends with Joseph Stalin, a similarly infiltrated false ‘leader’ who killed many millions of Russian people, and it was considered by the Bolshevik leaders that even if 90% of the Russian population were liquidated, that could be considered a successful ‘revolution’ if you get the real intended meaning of the word ‘revolution’.

Christmas tree in Israeli mall called a ‘disgrace’ by Orthodox Jewish city official

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The Ugly Truth

ed note–the obvious relevance being as follows–

1. All can JUST IMAGINE the nuclear event that would take place if some ‘Christian’ city official in whatever locale characterized a Menorah using the same word–‘disgrace’, which would certainly be justified given that while the Christmas tree represents and celebrates the birth of Jesus, the H’Nooka Menorah however represents and celebrates the religiously-driven mass murder of those who happened to entertain opinions contrary to the teachings and protocols of Judaism.


2. I thought we are all ‘the same’ now, that it was all ‘live and let live’ and a ‘new era’ where Christians and Jooz were BFFs.

Oh, I see now…It only goes in one direction… 

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Three Reasons that Jews need to Study Torah

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The Ugly Truth

ed note–and, once again, ladies and Gentile-men, there’s that word…




No, not that film about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, but rather that ‘other’ Torah, which an entire gaggle of experts claim plays no part in modern day Judaism or in the belief/behavior system of today’s Jews, and yet, here we are (again) hearing it from no less than a Rabbi, how important Torah is to the Judaic experience.

One important takeaway to consider from our unesteemed Hebraic author which underscores something that appears here regularly, to wit–

‘The five-year old engages in Torah; at ten, the Mishnah; at 13, mitzvot; at 15, Talmud…’

In other words, Talmud is something that comes later after studying Torah, which would only make sense, given that it is a compendium of rabbinic commentary on how the 613 brain-busting rules of the Torah as handed down by Moses…

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Freemasonic Reality Inversion

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Left Hook by Dean Henderson

The City of London/Bank of International Settlements owners have perfected the art of projecting a false reality upon the people of the planet. Most people have internalized this reality and do not even know it.

The advent of television made this pacification of the masses via propaganda much easier. These Black Nobility oligarchs had their underling intelligence agencies – MI6, CIA, Mossad – hire a slew of psychologists to fine tune their new television megaphone for maximum impact.  Edward Bernays was their guru.

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December 11, 2018

Faking Medical Reality

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December 10, 2018

How They Do It–Israel becomes member of global watchdog on money laundering

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Mothman777’s comment;

Smart move by smart criminals. Given the point by TUT editor, I really think that the Paris-based FATF should have vetoed their application. But then again, France is very much under the dark influence of the demon parasite Tribe.

The Ugly Truth

Israel becomes full member of FAFT, watchdog on money laundering, terror financing.

ed note–thus giving Israel an inside, bird’s eye view of just which international agencies have leads on all the criminal activities in which the Jooish state is involved, from financing terrorism to nuclear arms trafficking to drugs, human trafficking, organ harvesting, etc, to say nothing of the leg-up it gives Judea, Inc in terms of faux legitimacy.

As we like to say often, no one ever accused the Jooz of being stupid.

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